Saturday 10 June 2023

10 Best Big Data Companies in Phoenix, Arizona Anushree Shinde

 10 Best Big Data Companies in Phoenix, Arizona Anushree Shinde

1. Intel Corporation: Intel is a well-known technological company that produces hardware and software for processing and analysing massive data.

2. Cloudera: Cloudera provides a cutting-edge data management platform that allows businesses to store, handle, and examine massive amounts of data.

3. IBM: IBM offers a range of big data products and services, including the sophisticated analytics-capable IBM Watson platform.

4. Honeywell Aerospace: To enhance aerospace operations, such as predictive maintenance and fuel efficiency optimisation, Honeywell Aerospace uses big data analytics.

5. Infusionsoft (formerly Keap): To assist small organisations in managing their sales and marketing procedures, Infusionsoft provides a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that includes big data analytics.

6. Limelight Networks: This company provides a content delivery network (CDN) technology that makes use of big data analytics to enhance user experiences and optimise content delivery.

7. Carvana: Using big data analytics for inventory management, pricing, and consumer insights, Carvana is an online marketplace for buying and selling used vehicles.

8. Avnet: Avnet is a provider of technological solutions and provides big data analytics services, such as data integration, analysis, and visualisation.

9. Insight Enterprises: Insight Enterprises offers data management and analytics solutions that assist businesses in utilising big data to expand their operations.

10. WebPT: WebPT is a healthcare technology company that uses big data analytics to improve clinical outcomes and optimize practice management for physical therapists.

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