Monday 19 June 2023

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Raleigh, North Carolina

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Raleigh, North Carolina

1. SAS Institute Inc.: SAS is a leader in analytics and data management software that is widely regarded. For big data analytics, they offer a full set of tools and solutions.

2. Lenovo: A multinational technology business, Lenovo provides a variety of hardware and software solutions. They produce products designed for big data processing and place a major emphasis on data analytics.

3. Red Hat: Red Hat, currently a subsidiary of IBM, is a maker of open-source software that includes management and analytics tools for data. They are well-known in the big data analytics industry.

4. is a software business that specialises in user behaviour insights and product analytics. To assist businesses in making data-driven decisions, they provide data analytics solutions.

5. SciQuest: SciQuest, which is now known as Jaggaer, offers expenditure management services to companies. To assist organisations in streamlining their procurement procedures, they employ big data analytics.

6. Zencos: A data management, visualisation, and predictive analytics consulting company, Zencos provides these services. They collaborate with companies to implement big data solutions and gain insightful information.

7. Validic: Focusing on collecting and analysing health data from diverse sources, Validic is a healthcare technology startup. They use big data analytics to give healthcare organisations useful insights.

8. ChannelAdvisor: An e-commerce software provider, ChannelAdvisor helps merchants optimise their online sales channels. To assist organisations in making wise judgements, they make use of big data analytics.

9. PrecisionHawk: Focusing on gathering and analysing aerial data, PrecisionHawk is a drone and data analytics startup. Big data approaches are used to offer insights and useful intelligence to the construction and agricultural industries.

10. Teradata: Teradata is a global leader in data analytics and consultancy, assisting companies in the management and analysis of significant data volumes. They provide a full range of big data analytics services.

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