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10 Best Big Data Analytics Start-ups in Taipei, Taiwan Anushree Shinde

10 Best Big Data Analytics Start-ups in Taipei, Taiwan  Anushree Shinde

1. Appier: An AI-driven platform for marketing intelligence, Appier enables companies to use the power of big data to enhance their marketing initiatives. 

2. Canner: A data management platform called Canner enables businesses to gather, store, and analyse data from a variety of sources, facilitating the creation of insights and the formulation of data-driven decisions.


3. Cinnamon AI: To automate data processing operations and glean insightful information from unstructured data, Cinnamon AI creates AI-powered data extraction and analysis solutions.


4. STOMAP: STOMAP offers brick-and-mortar businesses real-time data analytics solutions, giving them actionable insights to improve operations, customer experience, and sales.


5. Faspro Systems: Faspro Systems helps companies improve production efficiency and quality control by specialising in real-time big data analytics for manufacturing and industrial processes.

6. GliaCloud: Offering AI-driven video analytics tools like object recognition, sentiment analysis, and content tagging, GliaCloud enables businesses to glean important information from video footage.

7. Vpon Big Data Group: Vpon is a top mobile advertising-focused provider of big data analytics. To provide targeted and customised adverts to mobile users, they make use of data-driven insights.


8. Appieriate: This company provides a big data analytics platform that helps companies to process and examine enormous amounts of data in order to get insightful knowledge and guide deft decision-making.


9. ClusterTech: To help businesses exploit the power of big data, ClusterTech offers advanced analytics solutions, such as data mining, machine learning, and high-performance computing.


10. Fourspot: Fourspot creates data analytics solutions for the retail sector, assisting companies in better comprehending consumer behaviour, streamlining inventory control, and enhancing the shopping experience as a whole.

台湾台北 10 家最佳大数据分析草创企业

1. Appier曰:一人工智能之驱营销智能平台,Appier使公司得以大数益营销计。


2. Canner曰:Canner 之数据管理,平台使企业得收拾存储,析其数,以成创数驱策之制。


3. Cinnamon AI曰:为自动化数据处理操作,从非结构化数中收见地息,Cinnamon AI 创人工智能驱之数解决方案。


4. STOMAP曰:STOMAP 为实体企业供实时数据分析解决方案,为之操作,以善运营、客户验销之。


5. Faspro系统:Faspro统者,所以专于造作之实时大数据分析,助公司崇效率质也。

6. GliaCloud曰:GliaCloud AI 之视频析器,所识之情,使企业得收息于视频片段。

7. Vpon威朋大数:Vpon威朋者,所以移广告之大数据分析提供商也。 告移动用户以针对性制,因数驱之功。


8. Appieriate曰:公司给大数据分析台,助公司治检大数,以得有见地知而指授灵策。


9. 联科曰:助企业用大数,联科先进解决方案,数据挖掘机器学高性能数。


10. Fourspot:Fourspot为零售业创数据分析解决方案,助公司益知消费者行,简化库藏,并增修购物体验。

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