Saturday 24 June 2023

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Palo Alto, California Anushree Shinde

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Palo Alto, California  Anushree Shinde

1. Cloudera: Cloudera offers an enterprise data platform that enables businesses to use Apache Hadoop and other open-source technologies to manage and analyse massive amounts of data.

2. Palantir Technologies: Palantir provides a platform for data integration and analytics that enables businesses to understand complicated data sets and derive insights that can be used for a range of purposes, such as intelligence analysis, fraud detection, and supply chain optimisation.

3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): HPE provides a variety of big data analytics tools, including the Vertica platform, which enables large-scale data processing through real-time analytics and predictive modelling.

4. ThoughtSpot: ThoughtSpot is an analytics platform with search and AI that enables users to examine and visualise data from various sources. They want non-technical consumers to be able to access data analysis with their solution.

5. VMware: VMware has a variety of big data solutions to choose from, such as the vRealize Suite, which delivers sophisticated analytics and monitoring tools for managing massive data settings.

6. Teradata: Teradata offers a variety of tools and solutions for handling and analysing large data. Teradata is a top provider of data analytics and consulting services.

7. Platfora (bought by Workday): Through data discovery, visualisation, and sophisticated analytics, Platfora's big data analytics platform assists organisations in converting raw data into meaningful insights.

8. Clarity Insights: Specialising in big data and analytics consulting services, Clarity Insights assists businesses in using their data assets to spur innovation and company growth.

9. is a corporate AI software platform that integrates big data analytics, machine learning, and IoT capabilities to allow businesses to create and implement AI-powered solutions for a range of sectors.

10. Databricks: Built on Apache Spark, Databricks offers a unified analytics platform that enables businesses to process and analyse big data at scale. Their platform has tools for data scientists and engineers to collaborate.

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