Tuesday 27 June 2023

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Saint Paul, Minnesota Anushree Shinde

10 Best Big Data Analytics Companies in Saint Paul, Minnesota  Anushree Shinde

1. 3M: 3M is a well-known multinational corporation with a broad range of goods and services. To promote innovation, streamline operations, and improve consumer experiences across industries, they use big data analytics.

2. Ecolab: Ecolab is a leader in energy, water, and hygiene solutions. To assist firms in increasing productivity, lowering expenses, and guaranteeing regulatory compliance, they use big data analytics.

3. Optum: Optum is a pioneer in healthcare analytics and a UnitedHealth Group affiliate. To enhance patient outcomes, optimise healthcare operations, and promote improved healthcare industry decision-making, they offer data-driven solutions.

4. Securian Financial: Securian Financial is a provider of financial services, including investing and insurance options. Big data analytics is used by them to better risk assessment, create individualised financial strategies, and enhance client experiences.

5. Deluxe Corporation: Deluxe Corporation offers a variety of services, such as data-driven customer engagement, marketing analytics, and fraud detection tools. They assist firms in utilising data to improve consumer interactions and make smart marketing decisions.

6. Thomson Reuters: A multinational firm, Thomson Reuters provides cutting-edge analytics solutions for numerous industries. Professionals working in the legal, financial, and tax industries can make better decisions thanks to the complete data and insights they receive.

7. Medtronic: Medtronic is a market leader in medical technology and focuses on therapies and devices for a variety of illnesses. To increase patient care, optimise treatment regimens, and enhance healthcare delivery, they use big data analytics.

8. Sovos Compliance: A technological firm that offers regulatory compliance solutions is Sovos Compliance. To assist firms in remaining compliant with tax, e-invoicing, and other regulatory requirements, they use big data analytics.

9. Revel Health: Revel Health is a healthcare technology business that specialises in engaging individuals in their own health. Big data analytics are used to create focused engagement tactics, enhance patient health outcomes, and promote patient behaviour change.

10. Versique Search & Consulting: Versique is a talent acquisition and consulting company that aids businesses in locating and hiring the best data analytics experts. They specialise in matching organisations with the qualified expertise needed to make data-driven decisions and take advantage of big data.

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