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10 Best Tech Start-ups in Shanghai, China Anushree Shinde MBA

10 Best Tech Start-ups in Shanghai, China  Anushree  Shinde MBA

1. Mobvoi: Mobvoi is a well-known artificial intelligence firm best known for its voice recognition technologies and smart wearables.

2. WeDoctor: A provider of online medical services and solutions, WeDoctor is a healthcare technology company.

3. Pinduoduo: An e-commerce platform that emphasises group buying and gives customers discounts when they purchase larger quantities of goods.

4. Momenta: This company specialises in autonomous driving technology and creates hardware and software for self-driving cars.

5. LinkSure Network: WiFi Master Key, a free Wi-Fi app from LinkSure Network, enables users to connect to Wi-Fi networks nearby.

6. Yitu Technology: Yitu Technology is an AI business that creates computer vision and facial recognition solutions for a range of uses.

7. NIO: An industry leader in the production of smart electric vehicles and a technology business.

8. Clobotics: This company uses AI, computer vision, and data analytics to offer smart solutions for the retail and wind energy industries.

9. Xpeng Motors: Xpeng Motors is a maker of autonomous, networked, and intelligent electric vehicles.

10. Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), a social e-commerce platform that emphasises influencer marketing and user-generated content.


1. 出问:出则一家知名人工智能公司,以语音识术智可备闻。

2. 微医曰:微医者,一家在线治解决方案提供商,一家医疗保健科技公司也。

3. 多力:团购电子商务平台,客户市易折扣。

4. Momenta曰:公司注于自驾,汽车造硬件软件。

5. LinkSure Network:WiFi Master Key者,LinkSure Network之免费Wi-Fi应用程序也,使用户属于近Wi-Fi网络。

6. 依图科技曰:依图科技为一家人工智能企业,创计算机视面识解决方案。

7. 蔚来汽车曰:智电动汽车业领导者术企业。

8. Clobotics:公司用人工智能、计算机视、数据分析为零售、风行业解决方案智能。

9. 小鹏汽车曰:小鹏汽车者,一家自驾、网络化、智能化电动汽车制造商也。

10. 小红书(小红书),一调网红营销用户社交电子商务台。

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