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10 Best Fin-Tech Startups in Taipei, Taiwan Aparna Thakur

10 Best Fin-Tech Startups in Taipei, Taiwan Aparna Thakur

Taipei, the vibrant capital city of Taiwan, has emerged as a thriving hub for financial technology (FinTech) startups. These innovative companies are transforming the financial landscape by leveraging technology to provide efficient and convenient financial services. In this article, we will explore the 10 best FinTech startups in Taipei, Taiwan, that are making waves in the industry.


Xfers is a FinTech startup that specializes in providing secure and scalable payment solutions. Their platform enables businesses to collect payments, disburse funds, and manage digital wallets seamlessly. With a focus on user experience and compliance, Xfers has gained recognition for its robust infrastructure and reliable services.


iCHEF is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with its cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. Their innovative solution combines hardware, software, and data analytics to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and optimize business performance. iCHEF's platform is trusted by thousands of restaurants in Taipei and beyond.


Just2Trade is an online brokerage platform that offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools and services. Catering to both individual investors and institutions, Just2Trade provides low-cost trading, advanced trading technologies, and access to global markets. Their user-friendly interface and competitive pricing have attracted a large user base in Taipei.


Cardless is a FinTech startup that focuses on providing innovative mobile payment solutions. Their platform allows users to make secure payments by linking their bank accounts directly to the app, eliminating the need for physical credit or debit cards. Cardless's frictionless payment experience has gained popularity among tech-savvy consumers in Taipei.


CoolBitX is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency security and compliance. Their flagship product, the CoolWallet S, is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet that enables users to securely store and manage their digital assets. With a strong emphasis on user privacy and regulatory compliance, CoolBitX has become a trusted name in the crypto industry.


RoboWealth is an automated investment platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide personalized investment strategies. Users can easily create and manage their investment portfolios based on their risk preferences and financial goals. RoboWealth's user-friendly interface and low minimum investment have made it a popular choice among Taipei's investors.


Gogoro is an electric scooter sharing platform that is transforming urban transportation in Taipei. Their smart scooters are powered by swappable lithium-ion batteries, which can be conveniently exchanged at Gogoro's network of battery swapping stations. With a user-friendly mobile app and seamless user experience, Gogoro has become a go-to choice for Taipei residents looking for eco-friendly transportation options.

8.SparkLabs Taipei:

SparkLabs Taipei is a startup accelerator and venture capital firm that focuses on nurturing and investing in early-stage FinTech companies. They provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, funding, and access to a vast network of industry experts. SparkLabs Taipei has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of numerous FinTech startups in Taipei.


MoneySmart is a personal finance platform that empowers users to make smarter financial decisions. Their website and mobile app offer tools for budgeting, expense tracking, and financial goal planning. MoneySmart's comprehensive financial education resources and user-friendly interface have made it a trusted platform for managing personal finances in Taipei.

10.17 Media:

17 Media is a live streaming and social entertainment platform that has gained significant popularity in Taipei. While primarily known for its entertainment features, 17 Media has incorporated FinTech elements, such as virtual gifting and digital transactions, into its platform. The integration of FinTech has enhanced the user experience and monetization opportunities for content creators.

Taipei's FinTech ecosystem is thriving, and these 10 startups exemplify the innovative spirit and technological advancements in the industry. From secure payment solutions and automated investments to blockchain security and eco-friendly transportation, these companies are revolutionizing various sectors of the financial landscape. With their commitment to user experience, convenience, and regulatory compliance, these FinTech startups are poised to continue driving Taipei's FinTech revolution and shaping the future of finance.

台湾台北 10 家最佳金融科技初创公司


台北是台湾充满活力的首都,已成为金融科技 (FinTech) 初创企业的繁荣中心。 这些创新公司正在通过利用技术提供高效便捷的金融服务来改变金融格局。 在本文中,我们将探讨台湾台北 10 家在行业中掀起波澜的最佳金融科技初创公司。


Xfers 是一家金融科技初创公司,专门提供安全且可扩展的支付解决方案。 他们的平台使企业能够无缝地收款、支付资金和管理数字钱包。 Xfers 专注于用户体验和合规性,以其强大的基础架构和可靠的服务赢得了认可。


iCHEF 正在通过其基于云的销售点 (POS) 系统彻底改变餐饮业。 他们的创新解决方案结合了硬件、软件和数据分析,以简化运营、增强客户体验并优化业务绩效。 iCHEF 的平台受到台北及其他地区数千家餐厅的信赖。


Just2Trade 是一个在线经纪平台,提供一整套交易工具和服务。 Just2Trade 面向个人投资者和机构投资者,提供低成本交易、先进的交易技术和进入全球市场的途径。 其友好的用户界面和具有竞争力的价格在台北吸引了庞大的用户群。


Cardless 是一家金融科技初创公司,专注于提供创新的移动支付解决方案。 他们的平台允许用户通过将他们的银行账户直接链接到应用程序来进行安全支付,而无需实体信用卡或借记卡。 Cardless 的顺畅支付体验在台北精通科技的消费者中广受欢迎。


CoolBitX 是加密货币安全与合规领域的先驱。 他们的旗舰产品 CoolWallet S 是一款支持蓝牙的硬件钱包,使用户能够安全地存储和管理他们的数字资产。 CoolBitX 非常重视用户隐私和法规遵从性,已成为加密行业中值得信赖的品牌。


RoboWealth 是一个利用人工智能和机器学习算法提供个性化投资策略的自动化投资平台。 用户可以根据自己的风险偏好和财务目标轻松创建和管理自己的投资组合。 RoboWealth 友好的用户界面和较低的最低投资额使其成为台北投资者的热门选择。


Gogoro 是一个电动滑板车共享平台,正在改变台北的城市交通。 他们的智能滑板车由可更换的锂离子电池供电,可以在 Gogoro 的电池更换站网络方便地进行更换。 凭借用户友好的移动应用程序和无缝的用户体验,Gogoro 已成为台北居民寻找环保交通方式的首选。


SparkLabs Taipei 是一家创业加速器和风险投资公司,专注于培育和投资早期金融科技公司。 他们为企业家提供指导、资金和接触庞大的行业专家网络的机会。 SparkLabs Taipei 在台北众多金融科技初创公司的成长和成功中发挥了关键作用。


MoneySmart 是一个个人理财平台,可让用户做出更明智的财务决策。 他们的网站和移动应用程序提供用于预算编制、费用跟踪和财务目标规划的工具。 MoneySmart 全面的金融教育资源和用户友好的界面使其成为台北值得信赖的个人理财管理平台。

10.17 媒体:

17 Media 是一个直播和社交娱乐平台,在台北非常受欢迎。 虽然 17 Media 主要以其娱乐功能而闻名,但它已将虚拟礼物和数字交易等金融科技元素纳入其平台。 金融科技的整合增强了内容创作者的用户体验和货币化机会。

台北的金融科技生态系统蓬勃发展,这 10 家初创公司体现了该行业的创新精神和技术进步。 从安全支付解决方案和自动化投资到区块链安全和环保交通,这些公司正在彻底改变金融领域的各个领域。 凭借对用户体验、便利性和合规性的承诺,这些金融科技初创公司准备继续推动台北的金融科技革命并塑造金融的未来。

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