Tuesday 23 May 2023

Let's Grow ON LinkedIn Join us Today to make an Impact on LinkedIn

 Let's Grow ON LinkedIn


🌟 Join us Today to make an impact on LinkedIn ! 🌟 

📢 Calling all Passionate Individuals! 📢

Let's Create vibrant Communities 🌈🌍 on any topic or subject you desire, or anything you wish we can create together. 

Let's come together and make a positive difference that lasts. ✨🤝 

If you're bursting with excitement to get involved, don't hesitate to message us now. Together, we possess the power to achieve greatness and leave an indelible mark. 

Join us today! 💪🚀

 💬 Message on the below link to get involved! 💌🙌 

If anyone is not following Group Rules and directly sharing posts without like & comment on previous members posts, their content will be DELETED Automatically from this group chat (without any notice)

Follow Group Rules:

1) First Engage, then Only Share your posts.

2) Both Likes & Comments are Mandatory on Pre 12 Hours Posts & Post 3 Hours Posts. Means Total 15 Hours Engagement per Day is Mandatory.

3) If you are sharing Client Posts, please do mention from which account you engage back. Means, "I have engaged from XYZ Account, otherwise your Client Post will be Deleted Automatically"

4) Maximum 2 Posts/Day are allowed. As an exception, 3rd Post will be allowed in same day but it Must Be Client Post.

5) If any member directly shares their post over group, without engaging on other members post then their content links will be DELETED automatically from the group chat.

6) DO NOT SHARE Duplicate Posts.

7) Only LinkedIn Posts are allowed.

8) DO NOT SHARE Old Posts > 5 Hours.

9) Be Professional, Respect Everyone’s Time.

If any of your friend or colleague is looking to join Engagement Groups for their LinkedIn Posts, please share the WhatsApp Group with them:

Please join Active Engagement Group for Your LinkedIn Posts


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