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10 Best Fin-Tech Service Providers in Chicago, USA

10 Best Fin-Tech Service Providers in Chicago, USA 

Chicago, the bustling metropolis in the heart of the United States, is not only known for its vibrant culture and iconic skyline but also for being a thriving hub of financial technology, or fintech, innovation. With its rich history in finance and a vibrant startup ecosystem, Chicago is home to numerous cutting-edge fintech service providers. These companies leverage technology and data to revolutionize financial services, offering innovative solutions to individuals and businesses alike. In this article, we will explore the ten best fintech service providers in Chicago, USA.


Avant is a leading online lending platform that offers personal loans to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services. Their proprietary technology analyzes customer data to provide quick decisions and fair loan terms, making it easier for people to obtain credit.


Enova is a diversified financial services company that utilizes advanced analytics and technology to offer online financial products and services to consumers and small businesses. They specialize in short-term and installment loans, providing accessible and transparent financial solutions.


Morningstar is a global financial services firm that provides independent investment research, ratings, and data-driven insights to help investors make informed decisions. Their comprehensive suite of products and services includes investment analysis, portfolio management tools, and retirement planning resources.

4.M1 Finance:

M1 Finance is a digital investment platform that combines automated investing with customizable portfolios. Through their intuitive interface, users can create personalized portfolios and enjoy automated rebalancing and fractional share investing, empowering individuals to manage their investments efficiently.


Raise is a fintech company that operates a leading gift card marketplace, enabling consumers to buy, sell, and exchange gift cards from various retailers. Their platform offers discounted gift cards and provides a convenient way for users to maximize the value of their unused or unwanted gift cards.


Dough is a Chicago-based trading platform that aims to simplify the stock market for individual investors. With its user-friendly interface and built-in educational resources, Dough makes investing in stocks and options more accessible and engaging, catering to both beginners and experienced traders.


Paylocity is a cloud-based provider of payroll and human capital management solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their comprehensive platform streamlines HR processes, manages payroll and benefits, and offers advanced analytics and reporting tools, empowering organizations to efficiently handle their workforce management.


Tastyworks is a brokerage firm that focuses on options and futures trading. Their intuitive trading platform provides traders with advanced tools, low-cost trades, and a robust options trading education center, making it a popular choice for active options traders.


HXRO is a fintech company that offers a unique gamified trading platform. By combining cryptocurrency trading with skill-based games, HXRO aims to create an engaging and intuitive trading experience for users, encouraging active participation in the cryptocurrency market.

10.CME Group:

CME Group is the world's leading derivatives marketplace, offering a diverse range of futures and options products across multiple asset classes. With its cutting-edge technology and global reach, CME Group provides market participants with efficient and transparent ways to manage risk and access global markets.

Chicago's fintech ecosystem is vibrant and diverse, with numerous companies driving innovation and transforming the financial services landscape. The ten service providers mentioned above, including Avant, Enova, Morningstar, M1 Finance, Raise, Dough, Paylocity, Tastyworks, HXRO, and CME Group, showcase the breadth and depth of fintech offerings in the city. From online lending platforms to investment tools, payroll solutions to options trading platforms, these companies leverage technology and data to provide accessible, efficient, and innovative financial services. As Chicago continues to foster fintech innovation.

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