Tuesday 5 September 2023

LinkedIn Creators x 10BestIncity.com

 LinkedIn Creators x 10BestIncity.com

Dear LinkedIn Creators 

We are excited to extend an invitation for a unique and mutually beneficial collaboration opportunity – a "Barter Collaboration" that promises to elevate both your personal brand and our platform, 10BestIncity.com. Together, we can create win-win promotions that will captivate audiences and drive engagement.

🌟 Why Collaborate with Us? 🌟

At LinkedIn Creators, you've established yourselves as thought leaders and influencers, generating valuable content and building a community. At 10BestIncity.com, we pride ourselves on curating the best experiences and services in various cities worldwide. This collaboration will allow us to leverage your influence to highlight the best our cities have to offer, enhancing your personal brand while promoting our platform.

🌆 The Vision 🌆

Imagine seamlessly integrating your expertise into 10BestIncity.com's platform, showcasing the top-rated experiences, businesses, and services in your respective cities. In return, we offer:

🚀 Exposure: Your content will reach a broader and diverse audience.

💼 Networking: Connect with industry professionals and fellow creators.

💡 Expertise: Showcase your knowledge in a new and exciting context.

🎉 Promotions: Enjoy exclusive perks and promotions from 10BestIncity.com.

🌐 Expanding Reach: Collaborate on city-specific projects and beyond.

💼 What We're Looking For 💼

We're seeking creators who are passionate about their cities, eager to explore new experiences, and ready to share their insights with the world. Whether you're a travel enthusiast, food connoisseur, or culture aficionado, there's a place for you in this collaboration.

Join us for an exclusive virtual meeting to discuss the finer details and brainstorm ideas for our collaboration:

Let's make this collaboration an unforgettable experience, bringing the best of cities to the forefront and boosting your personal brand in the process. We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at


We're currently on the lookout for the Top 10 Best LinkedIn Creators in every city as part of our ambitious venture called Win-Win Promos. We are thrilled to extend a unique and mutually beneficial collaboration opportunity to you – a "Barter Collaboration" that holds the promise of elevating both your personal brand and our platform, 10BestIncity.com. Together, we can craft win-win promotions that are bound to captivate audiences and foster engagement.

You can find more details about this opportunity at: Link to Collaboration Details

🌟 Why Consider Collaborating with Us? 🌟

As LinkedIn Creators, you've already established yourselves as thought leaders and influencers, consistently delivering valuable content and building a strong community. At 10BestIncity.com, we take pride in curating the finest experiences and services in cities across the globe. This collaboration will enable us to harness your influence to spotlight the very best our cities have to offer. This, in turn, will enhance your personal brand while simultaneously promoting our platform.

As part of this program, you'll also enjoy complimentary promotion of your Personal Brand on the following platforms for a lifetime:




Please Contact our Team for more info and easy Enrollment 

Kinshu Patel Co-Founder


Anjali Tomar Project Director

+91 91313 39160

Kajol Kapura H R Head  

+91 73966 64394

Together, let's create content that will inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impact!

Join us in this exciting journey where we can create lasting value together.

Warm regards,

Kinshu Patel  [M Sc Gold Medalist] 

Co-Founder (CMO)










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