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10 Best Big Data Companies in Germany

"Top 10 Best  Big Data Companies in Germany"

The German market is a pool of talented developers, making it lucrative to work with the top big data companies in Germany. If you are looking for an experienced service provider in the field of big data with unparalleled expertise.

From top-notch laboratories, world-class study programs, and experienced faculty to exciting internships and employment opportunities. German universities offer the best opportunities for students seeking a master's degree in data science. Big data companies provide expertise that can serve your business.

1. Cubeware : Cubeware is a 100% (BI) Business Intelligence company and Big Data Consulting & SI. Its head quarters situated in Muchen, Germany. Outsmart your competition and sharpen your edge with actionable data insights. Join globally recognised brands and some of the worlds most innovative companies, who use Cubeware to transform their business through data.

2. RecoveryLab Datenrettung : RecoveryLab Datenrettung is Business intelligence company RecoveryLab Datenrettung is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. Holistic data recovery services. Our focus is on B2B projects with high quality standards. We recover data from RAID, server, virtual storage and of course also from single media such as SSD and HDD. We have over 20 years of experience and an excellent team of reverse engineers.The firm provides BI & big data consulting & SI, cybersecurity, and other IT consulting and SI and is small. The firm was founded in 2008. An ITC service provider collaborated with RecoveryLab Datenrettung for data recovery support. The team helped restore all of the lost data in virtual storage for the company’s end client. 

3. Soname Solutions : Soname Solutions provides consulting and development services in Business intelligence, Data Warehouse, Big Data, and Cloud areas. Big data analytics company Soname Solutions was launched in 2019. In Stuttgart, Germany; T'bilisi, Georgia and Warszawa, Poland. A science and technology development company has hired Soname Solutions for staff augmentation. The team is responsible for software development, data analytics, and architecture development and design. 

We don’t do everything in IT, we are focused on Data engineering and provide reliability and high quality to our customers. 

4. EXASOL AG : EXASOL AG is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical database systems. Its scaleable software “Made in Germany” can be found in the areas of data business, customer analytics, operational BI, advanced analytics and data warehousing. With their appliance and cloud solutions, EXASOL AG customers are able to make effective decisions and gain a significant competitive advantage.

5. ONE DATA : ONE DATA Connect Data to Unlock Your Business Value One Data is a fast-growing software company based out of Germany. Our mission is to enable data experts to build data products that business users need.

More businesses depend on big data and data science to improve efficiency, further, their market reach, boost sales, and introduce new processes and solutions. ONE LOGIC, a big data company, is based in München, Germany.

6. Pwrteams : Pwrteams (ex-Skelia) is an international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations in Eastern Europe, in the Baltics and Balkan states. For over a decade, we have provided staff augmentation services to a diverse range of clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies through an extended network of service centers in Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Estonia and Ukraine. Being a part of Nortal group, we have a truly global presence with fully operating regional offices in North America, Finland, Germany, United Arabs Emirates, and Oman.  

It helps to grow businesses of all sizes such as Nordic Leisure Travel Group, Agidens, and C-Quilibrium. They provide IT staff augmentation, custom software development, and application testing services to businesses primarily in the IT, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. 

Skelia developed an Android and iOS application for a travel company. Skelia augmented the development initiative by dedicating 20 developers who helped to integrate the platform with the client's services. The mobile application not only generated notable user engagement but also received high ratings in the App Store.

7. Ruess Group GmbH : Ruess Group GmbH is an advertising company. 

Its head quarters is alos situated in Stuttgart, Germany. The focus of our digital agency is on Internet and digital projects that have special demands in terms of performance and functionality or that are characterized by a particular complexity in terms of structure or content. The goal is to provide solutions that are easily changeable and can be updated with manageable effort.

8. Profinit : Profinit is a midsize Prague, Czech Republic-based software development firm. Their services include custom software development, BI & big data consulting & SI, and IT managed services. Profinit is one of the leading companies in Custom Software Development, AI & Data Science, Consulting and IT Outsourcing. IDC Research ranked Profinit as the 3rd largest custom application developer in the Czech Republic Hambarg Germany. 

9. Software Mind : Software Mind is a global software house having R&D centers in Central Europe and South America. Since 1999 we provide experienced software developers to help our partners turn their goals into results. They deliver cross-functional teams that own all stages of software development life cycles – from ideation to release and beyond. They worked with a client to transform their service into the SaaS model, transfer the knowledge of their consultants into the software, introduced Machine Learning components and decompose the monolithic system into microservices "Their professionalism working in a complex environment with cutting-edge technologies is top-notch!"

Managed Teams help to:

1. Digitalize the way your business operates

2. Accelerate IT Development processes

3. Build a new solution from scratch.

4. Create a remote delivery center.

10. First Line  Software : First Line has provided custom software development solutions for huge names as well as dozens of enterprise clients around the world. This Czech Republic based agency was founded on a will to be great and has already made major waves with work for enterprise clients and startups alike.

When their client needed a powerful way to supercharge their strategy, they turned to First Line. First Line completely revamped their approach to highlight some of their most appealing elements and drive higher engagement and sales. Its headquarter in Berlin, Germany. 

First Line Software is a premier partner known for its expertise in technology consulting, custom software development, cloud migration, and digital transformation. With a strong presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, First Line Software offers a wide range of software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services to its clientele.

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, First Line Software boasts a global team of technical experts who excel in agile methodologies, ensuring the efficient delivery of intricate projects in healthcare, warehousing & logistics, print, manufacturing, and retail digitalization, eCommerce.

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