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Sunday 21 May 2023

Master in Data Engineering Free Data Engineering Course

 Master in Data Engineering 

Free Data Engineering Course  

15 Free Online Lessons to get you Interview-Ready and move ahead of 99%  peers 

1. Master Python:

2. Learn SQL:

3. Learn MySQL:

4. Learn MongoDB:

5. Dominate PySpark:

6. Learn Bash, Airflow & Kafka:

7. Learn Git & GitHub:

8. Learn CICD basics:

9. Decode Data Warehousing:

10. Learn DBT: :

11. Learn Data Lakes:

12. Learn DataBricks:

13. Learn Azure Databricks:

14. Learn Snowflake:

15. Learn Apache NiFi:

With these skills, you're ready to:

🌟 Craft an Irresistible Resume

🌟 Showcase your Projects 

🌟 Apply to all Data Engineering Positions

Embark on your data engineering journey today and unlock a world of possibilities! 🚀