Tuesday 31 October 2023

Work From Home Opportunity As Co-Founder

Work From Home Opportunity As Co-Founder

🌟 Join Our Journey as a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp 🚀🏡 

Are you ready to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial adventure? Asiatic International Corp is seeking a Co-Founder to join our dynamic team and make a significant impact on our diverse ventures. We're not just a company; we're a thriving ecosystem of innovative projects, and we want you to help shape our future!

đŸ’ŧ Position: 


đŸĸ Company: Asiatic International Corp

🌍 Location: Remote #wfh

💰 Compensation:

50% Revenue Sharing

Earn Min  INR 10-25 LPA

At Asiatic International Corp, we're focused on various industries, including Online B2B, B2C, Work From Home, AgroTech, AviaTech, BlogTech, BookTech, CabTech, DirTech, and more. Our mission is to become the go-to destination for tech-savvy professionals seeking remote work opportunities. We foster a culture of Collaboration, Innovation, and Shared Success.

Position Overview:

As a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp, you'll play a vital role in shaping our company's future. Your efforts will be directly rewarded through a 50% revenue sharing model. 

Your responsibilities will include:

Business Strategy

Product/Service Development

Sales and Marketing

Operational Excellence

Financial Management

Partnerships and Alliances

Team Building


Proven experience in your relevant industry or sector.

Strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Excellent strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

A track record of success in revenue generation and business growth.


Opportunity to become a Co-Founder and impact our success directly.

50% revenue sharing model for equitable compensation.

Collaborative and innovative work environment.

The chance to work with a dedicated team of professionals.

Personal and professional growth potential as the company scales.

Join us on our quest to redefine the landscape of diverse ventures. If you're a visionary with a passion for innovation, this is your chance to become a Co-Founder in our dynamic start-up. 🏡

🚀 Exploring the Role of a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp 🌍

As a Co-Founder, you'll play a pivotal role in the foundation of our company, shaping our vision, mission, and day-to-day operations. Your responsibilities encompass:

🔮 Vision and Strategy:

Define our company's vision and long-term goals, charting the course for growth and trajectory.

đŸ‘Ĩ Leadership and Management:

Assume leadership roles, manage daily operations, and oversee various teams and departments.

🌐 Business Development:

Drive business growth by seeking new opportunities, forging partnerships, and expanding our market presence.

💰 Fundraising and Finance:

Lead fundraising efforts and manage our financial health to ensure well-funded growth.

🛠️ Product Development:

Participate in product development to align our offerings with our vision and customer needs.

🤝 Building a Team:

Recruit and nurture top talent, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

🤝 Networking and Representation:

Represent us at events and networking opportunities, contributing to building our brand and reputation.

🔧 Problem-Solving and Adaptability:

Navigate challenges and uncertainties while scaling the company with flexibility and innovative thinking.

🌟 Our Vision:

To be a global leader, offering innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth and enhance lives.

🚀 Our Mission:

Dedicated to delivering exceptional value through technological expertise, strategic partnerships, and continuous improvement.

đŸ”Ĩ Our Passion:

Empower individuals and businesses with transformative technologies, champion environmental sustainability, and make a positive societal impact.

Your role as a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp is an opportunity to be part of something transformative. If you're passionate about innovation, leadership, and strategic thinking, come join our dynamic team from the comfort of your home. 🚀 

Discover more about us and our ventures:

At Asiatic International Corp, we're proud to showcase our impressive portfolio of Blog Based Start-Up websites that are changing the digital landscape. Each of these Domains represents a unique Venture, and we're thrilled to have them under our wing.

🌐 www.AsiaticAir.in 

[Booked by Capt Sapna]

🌐 www.AeroSoft.in

🌐 www.AirCrewsAviation.com

🌐 www.Air-Aviator.com 

[Booked by Nehaa Arora]

🌐 www.AlfaBloggers.com

🌐 www.AllIndiaCarTaxiClub.com

🌐 www.AllInOneShoppingApps.com 

[Booked by Sathvika Reddy]

🌐 www.AnxietyAttak.com 

[Booked by Dr Ritu]

🌐 www.Flying-Crews.com 

[Booked by Monica Dias]

🌐 www.Portrait-Business-Woman.com

[Booked by Swapna]

🌐 www.BestInternationalEducation.com 

[Booked by Kinshu]

Alfa Jungle Retreat

🌐 www.SatpuraJungleRetreat.com

🌐 www.WorldOfAirplane.com

🌐 www.Fintech-Start-Up.com

🌐 www.GuideByLocal.com

🌐 www.MBASareeWali.com 

[Booked by Sneha]

These Blog Based Start-Up  cover a wide range of industries and are a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth. Stay tuned for more updates on these ventures as we continue to redefine the digital space. 🌍đŸ’ģ

🚀 Exploring the Co-Founder's Role at Asiatic International Corp 🌏

The responsibilities of our Co-Founders can vary based on the size and nature of our startup, as well as the diverse backgrounds and skills of those involved. Embracing these roles collectively, we are on the path to success. 🌟🚀

Ready to embark on this transformative journey with us? Connect with us and explore the limitless possibilities of becoming a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp! 🚀🌟

How to Apply:

If you are excited about the prospect of joining our journey as a Co-Founder at Asiatic International Corp and have the qualifications and passion we're looking for, please send your Info and Linkedin Profile Link  explaining why you are the ideal candidate for this role to WA No +91 9977513452 


Follow this link to Join Our Co-Founder WhatsApp Group


We look forward to having you on board as a Co-Founder to help shape the future of Asiatic International Corp and share in its success.


Kavya Shree 

Author / Co-founder 



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