Wednesday 18 October 2023

Head of Digital Marketing to join our team at,

Head of Digital Marketing to join our team at 10BestInCity

🚀 Join the Empowerment Revolution in Digital Marketing 🚀

Are you ready to pave the way in the realm of Digital Marketing and be part of a transformative movement?

We're on the hunt for a vibrant Head of Digital Marketing to join our team at, where we champion Empowerment Through Flexibility.

About Us:

Welcome to, a community-driven platform on a mission to empower individuals to reshape their work experience according to their own terms, with a strong focus on flexibility rather than rigid working hours. We're dedicated to helping people find that elusive work-life balance and embrace remote work as a lifestyle choice. If you're seeking to take the reins of your professional journey, is your gateway to self-discovery.


1st and Only Blog based Global business directory

All Team working Remote #wfh

1st Startup based on linkedin, linktree and google blogspot 

Head of Digital Marketing:

As our Head of Digital Marketing, you will play a pivotal role in sculpting our digital presence. Your responsibilities encompass:

🌟 Formulating and executing comprehensive Digital Marketing strategies aligned with our company's objectives.

🌟 Overseeing web optimization, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email marketing, social media engagement, and display advertising.

🌟 Guiding a team of skilled Digital Marketing professionals.

🌟 Utilizing data-driven insights to evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns.

🌟 Collaborating with other departments to align marketing efforts with our business goals.

🌟 Keeping up-to-date with the latest Digital Marketing trends and technologies.

Daily Tasks:

Your daily routine will feature a spectrum of engaging tasks:

✈️ Creating insightful articles and captivating visuals centered around careers in the airline industry.

🌐 Curating job listings and promotional materials for Digital Marketing and content writing internships.

📚 Promoting our remarkable book collection through strategic content and engaging promotional materials.

🌟 Sharing motivational blog posts and promotions to inspire our community.

📢 Amplifying our presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

💡 Promoting our core message through Digital Marketing materials and promotions, including ViSume, our latest innovation.

[40 - 50 Minutes Per Task Per Day]


To thrive in this role, you should possess:

🎓 A Bachelor's or Master's degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field.

📊 Over 3 years of Digital Marketing experience, with at least 2 years in a leadership role.

💼 Proficiency in all aspects of Digital Marketing.

👥 Proven experience in managing and leading Digital Marketing teams.

✍️ Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

📈 Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.

🚀 The ability to conceive and execute comprehensive Digital Marketing strategies.

Join Our Movement:

If you're a strategic thinker with a zeal for Digital Marketing and a proven track record of success, we invite you to apply for the esteemed position of Head of Digital Marketing at Join us in crafting the ultimate travel and tourism guide for cities worldwide.

Ready to Take the Leap?

To embark on a transformative career journey with us, connect with us via WhatsApp:

📱 WhatsApp:


Head of Digital Marketing

Kindly provide us with the following details:

Full Name

Date of Birth








LinkedIn (Minimum 100+ Connections)

Current CTC

Selection Process:

Our selection process is designed to bring out the best in you:

Two engaging HR discussions

Thought-provoking PPT presentation

Dynamic group discussions

Insightful personal interviews

A compelling ViSume to make a mark

Empowerment through flexibility awaits. Join us now and become a catalyst for change. 💪🌟

Kinshu Patel  


Best International Education

Anjali Tomar 

Project Director







Email: info@10bestincity  

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