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10 Best Shopping Center’s in Bhopal

10 Best Shopping Centers in Bhopal 

10 Best Shopping Center’s in Bhopal 

Bhopal is a tale of two cities. The northern city boasts of its rich culture with fascinating mosques, grand havelis, and crowded markets. The southern part portrays a more sophisticated role with luxury hotels, beautiful wide roads, and restaurants offering multi-cuisine to cherish. But that's not all about this city. The city is a paradise for shopaholics with delicate Zardozi sarees, exquisite Mulberry silk, handlooms and well-crafted souvenirs to offer. You can get some of the finest Tussar Silk in the local markets of Bhopal. The Mandana and Pithora paintings are a delight for the art enthusiasts. But, this is just the icing. These street shops also serve amazing hot Gulab Jamuns, Meva Bati, and Shammi Kebabs. Some of the markets are open until two at night! You can enjoy the delicious Dahi Bade, Khopra Pak, Malpua and Imarti while browsing through the lanes of clothing and accessory shops. End your shopping fiesta with the authentic Bhopali Paan to give your trip the true Bhopali touch!

1. DB City Mall :

 DB City Mall is one of the largest and most popular malls in Bhopal. It houses a variety of national and international brands, along with restaurants and entertainment options. “DB City” is one of the largest shopping centers in central India housing over 135 Indian & international brands & f&b outlets under one roof. It is the first shopping mall in Bhopal & city has witnessed its opening in Aug, 2010. Mall is Located at the gist of the central business district, one of the galvanizing territory of the city. DB City has carefully cherry picked mix of brands providing optimum choice to the consumer in shopping, entertainment, food & leisure. Courtyard Marriott hotel recently opened

DB City Mall is the most famous spot for the shopping freaks in Bhopal. It has also been a place for many promotional events in Bhopal. It is the key reason for the entrance of many international brands. At present, it has a six screen multiplex operated by fun cinemas.

It has a supermarket, gaming zone, and stores of renowned brands. As its motto says 'Celebrate Life', it offers with great offers so that customers have a happy time shopping. It is spread over an area of 13 lacs sq.ft. It has five restaurants, a food court, 15000 sq entertainment area, 135 retail shops, and seven anchor stores. It is the largest shopping center in Central India.

Entertainment Options at DB City Mall Bhopal

DB City Mall is more than a shopping complex. It is an entertainment hub that offers various activities to keep you engaged. Whether you visit the mall with friends, kids or the elderly, you will find something to do at DB City. The entertainment zone at Bhopal's favourite mall includes

Time Zone: If there is one place where kids and adults can have fun together, it is Timezone. It offers a variety of activities, from arcade games, bumper cars and bowling to laser tag and Virtual Reality games. It is the perfect hang-out spot for friends and families with kids. One can even book the space for birthdays and anniversaries.  


Kids Fun Factory: It is an interactive play area for children between 0-10 years. Equipped with slides, bridges, a climbing wall, a trampoline and more, the Kids Fun Factory promises endless fun. 


Toy Train: One of the top attractions at DB City, the toy train is on every kid's bucket list. With tickets available at affordable prices, the toy train fills your child's heart with joy. You can record videos and click pictures inside the toy train to make the ride memorable for your kid. 


Cinepolis Multiplex: Boasting a 6-screen multiple, DB City Mall caters to your entertainment needs like no other mall in the city. You can book tickets to the latest Hindi, English and Regional films at the mall or online. The theatre halls are clean and spacious and offer a spectacular movie experience. 

Food Court and Restaurants in DB City Mall 

DB City offers a selection of varied restaurants at its food court. It comprises various eateries, from local franchises to international fast-food chains. Besides multiple food and beverage choices at the food court, the mall features several full-service theme restaurants too. 

2. Aashima Mall : 

Aashima Mall is another major shopping destination in Bhopal, offering a range of fashion, electronics, and dining options.

Aashima the Lake City Mall, is the first mall of Bhopal located at Hoshangabad Road in NH-12, about 10kms from the city center. It is part of the prominent ARK group, the leading real estate developers of central India. This world class mall offers a superb amalgamation of entertainment and shopping facilities to the shoppers and commuters. Sprawl over an area of 6.0 lakh sq ft, the mall houses about 110 showrooms, 5000 sq. ft. Atrium , 7 screen Multiplex with approx. 1500 seats (biggest in M.P.), 4 anchors, hypermarket (fruits, vegetables , cereals , various house hold items, gadgets, apparel etc) , Entertainment Zone (games,Gym, Spa and Club), Food Zones, Retail Zone, Wedding Arcade (Wedding Dress material for brides and grooms, golden jewellery, diamond jewellery, aritificial jewellery, and other accessories.), etc 

This is the best shopping mall to go with family in Bhopal. You can spend a day here as it has cinema halls, gaming centers, food courts and retail shops in one place. You can buy branded clothes from the factory outlet shops. You can also buy the latest fashion clothing from multi-branded clothing stores present inside this shopping mall. You can buy home needs, toys, and gifts from the respective shops. The shops present here accept credit cards, debit cards, and e-valets for making payments for his or her purchase.

Aashima, City's hottest upcoming destination will transform the shopping culture from being cumbersome to a fun experience by offering shoppers and commuters an excellent combination of entertainment and shopping. The Idea behind Aashima mall being located at Hoshangabad Road (NH-12) is to discover the true untapped potential of huge no. of prospective buyers who are starved for the right venue to shop. It is the need of the moment for the cities shoppers to have a world class mall that matches their taste & aspirations.

The mall is unique in its own way and is being built to give maximum visibility to each store. Well-planned stores and scientific layout with a massive atrium allow appropriate distribution of space for different sections. The mall will house

3. Aura Mall : 

Aura Mall is known for its diverse collection of shops, including clothing stores, electronics outlets, and eateries. Straightforward retail complex featuring shops with brand-name merchandise, eateries & a cinema. 

The Aura Mall is an ideal mall in Bhopal for a day out. It has PVR, a renowned multiplex theatre, and a kid’s zone. The parents can shop without any hassle by leaving the kids in the kid’s zone where they enjoy arcade games and play area. There is also a food court which serves delicacies from all around the world. The mall also has an ice-cream parlour for ice-cream lovers and a stationary shop for all school and work supplies. The brands in the mall include Max, Lifestyle, Levi’s, AND, etc. The customers are sure to have a good time in the mall with their family and friends.

Bhopal populace is absolutely aware of the modern Mega brands and is getting exposed to the International Mall Experience in the neighboring big cities and is clamoring for Big Malls in Bhopal. Sandhya Prakash’s Aura will feature diligently displayed product mix and a selection of brands and products that would cater to the needs of everyone in the family.

Unlike other Shopping Malls Aura will be “A Studio Mall”, a Mall with a theme. This will offer one stop shopping experience to its customers under 4F i.e. Fun, Food, Films, and Fashion: “The Complete Family Mall”.

Considering the retail business prospective, the location of a retail entity is very important. Aura mall is located in the heart of Arera Colony, which is one of the largest residential areas in Bhopal. Interspersed with plantations, trees and gardens, it is a posh area of the city and occupies a large area of the southern part of the city.

4. Capital Mall : 

The Capital Mall is designed for customers who have an affinity for brands. The mall aims to bridge the demand and the supply gap. This mall in Bhopal has a grand atrium and highly visible shop fronts, as the company believes that such things not only attract customers to the mall, but it also adds on to the beauty of the mall. The mall has all the international, national and high-end brands like Zara, Forest Essentials, Central, The Body Shop, etc. The customers who are shopaholics or have a keen interest in shopping have to visit the capital mall at least once to fulfil all their shopping needs.

Tranquil, modern shopping mall featuring national & international brands, a food court & a cinema.

Capital Mall Bhopal, a vibrant and bustling shopping destination, epitomizes the essence of modern retail and entertainment. Situated in the heart of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, this magnificent mall has become a beacon of luxury, convenience, and leisure for residents and tourists alike. Spanning across a vast expanse, Capital Mall houses a plethora of international and domestic brands, offering a wide array of products to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From fashion boutiques and electronic stores to gourmet restaurants and entertainment zones, the mall is a one-stop destination for all your needs. Stepping inside Capital Mall, you are greeted with a grandeur that transcends ordinary shopping experiences. The meticulously designed interiors, adorned with elegant decor and ambient lighting, create an inviting atmosphere that exudes sophistication and charm. Beyond its retail offerings, Capital Mall also offers an exquisite dining experience. With a diverse range of restaurants and cafes, it tantalizes the taste buds of food enthusiasts, serving everything from traditional Indian cuisine to global delicacies, ensuring a gastronomic delight for all. For entertainment seekers, the mall boasts a state-of-the-art multiplex, showcasing the latest blockbusters and providing an immersive cinematic experience. Additionally, it hosts various events and exhibitions, engaging visitors with a blend of art, culture, and entertainment. Capital Mall Bhopal, with its blend of luxury, convenience, and entertainment, has undoubtedly emerged as a landmark destination in the city. It continues to redefine the shopping experience, offering a harmonious amalgamation of style, comfort, and leisure, making it a must-visit for every shopper and a symbol of pride for Bhopal.

5. Jyoti Cineplex Mall Bhopal :

 This mall is not only a shopping center but also houses a multiplex cinema, making it a popular entertainment spot in the city.

Jyoti Cineplex is the most popular cinema hall in Bhopal, India. Since it is in the heart of the city, people not only find it easy to reach, but its vicinity also provides options for food and shopping. The latest blockbusters can be watched here, with the best amenities making your experience enjoyable and comfortable. While tickets can be booked on the site, online booking is also available and preferred too. People have often claimed for the multiplex to be the best in the city, one of the few that offer great, traditional food, comfortable seating and good quality screenings of movies. If you every feel like taking a break from the sightseeing and roaming around, you can catch a show here! Enjoy!

Entrance Ticket Details For Jyoti Cineplex

Ticket price of the show would vary depending on the time and movie.

Jyoti Cineplex Timings

Timings would depend on the shows that are book

6. C 21 Mall : 

C 21 Mall is one of the oldest malls in Bhopal, known for its wide range of shops selling clothing, accessories, and electronics. C21 is the only place to offer organised retails in Bhopal, presenting a brand new experience, attracting people of Bhopal and nearby places. It offers customised spaces for

Shopping, Recreational sports, Multiplex, Food court, Entertainment zone, Descotheque and pub. 

C21 is the only place to offer organized retail in Bhopal. It's a new shopping mall that attracts people from Bhopal and nearby places. Different brands and stores come together to create an attractive atmosphere.

7. New Market :

New Market is a bustling commercial area in Bhopal where you can find traditional Indian clothing, accessories, and handicrafts.

New Market as the name suggests, this is a relatively newer establishment located on the south of the Upper and Lower Lakes. An important shopping and commercial area in the city, New Market has many cloth shops and showrooms selling various garments and readymade clothes. In addition to this, one can bag countless handicraft products, silver jewelry, bead work, embroidered velvet items and leather goods in New Market.

the Newmarket is the best shopping stop in Bhopal. It has an array of showrooms, eateries, bakeries, and bookstores to cater all your needs. Take your time in exploring this place with your friends or family. If you had a bad day, just head over to the market road for some retail therapy. You can also get an excellent range of Bhopali 'Batuas' with bead detailing in many shops here.

Best Known For

The famous beadwork Batuas. Look for different motifs and designs to suit your preference.

8. Gammon Mall :  

Gammon Mall is a smaller shopping center in Bhopal, but it offers a decent selection of shops and dining options.

The Shrishti mall is a shopper’s paradise. Built by Gammon India, one of the largest infrastructure firms in the country, the mall has a very sophisticated ambience. It is the home to almost all of the leading national and international brands. The brands include W, And, Biba, Levi’s, Spykar, etc. It also has leading home décor brands like home centre and famous jewellery brands like Caratlane and Voylla. This mall in Bhopal also houses high-end restaurants. There is also a multiplex theatre in the mall. So in all the Shrishti mall has everything that a shopaholic dreams of, from clothes to jewellery, to shoes, etc.

9. Mrignayani Emporium : 

If you want to take home some of the exquisite handicrafts from Bhopal, head to the Mrignayani Emporium. It offers sarees of all sorts, the flowery pastels, gold-toned patterns and elegant borders will leave you awestruck. You can buy Chanderi, Mulberry, Kota, Tussar and Crepe silk sarees for all your ethnic desires. The dress materials sold are eye-catching and come in all patterns and colours. Mrignayani M.P. Govt. Emporium, Handloom, Handicrafts, Saree, Readymade, Dress Material, Bedsheet is a shopping mall located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The average rating of this place is 4.40 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews. The street address of this place is 23, Shopping Center, TT Nagar Square, New Market, TT Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal populace is absolutely aware of the modern Mega brands and is getting exposed to the International Mall Experience in the neighboring big cities and is clamoring for Big Malls in Bhopal. Sandhya Prakash’s Aura will feature diligently displayed product mix and a selection of brands and products that would cater to the needs of everyone in the family.

Unlike other Shopping Malls Aura will be “A Studio Mall”, a Mall with a theme. This will offer one stop shopping experience to its customers under 4F i.e. Fun, Food, Films, and Fashion: “The Complete Family Mall”.

Considering the retail business prospective, the location of a retail entity is very important. Aura mall is located in the heart of Arera Colony, which is one of the largest residential areas in Bhopal. Interspersed with plantations, trees and gardens, it is a posh area of the city and occupies a large area of the southern part of the city.

Best Known For

Chanderi Silk sarees are a speciality. You can try those!


Don't forget to get the silver crafted Jhumkis to go with your ethnic outfit. online or ask locals for the most current information before planning your visit.

10. Manyavar : 

Manyavar Garment Showroom located at New Market, TT Nagar Bhopal . This is a famous retail chain of a clothing store in India. They are popular for their ethnic wear collections for men. Sherwanis are the best to buy from this store. Most of the men going to get married wear Sherwanis on the reception day and on marriage day too. Men’s Kurtas are available in multi-colors. They are worth quality and designs for its price tag. If you are looking for something trendy, you can buy indo-western clothing. Vedant Fashions design them.

Manyavar’s timeless celebration collection includes exquisite Sherwanis, fine Indo-Westerns, Royal Bandhgalas, classic Kurta-Jackets and matching accessories for life’s special moments. Not leaving behind the juniors, Manyavar started with their Kid’s Ethnic and Fusion wear line which was a delight to the little ones. Paving the path for a happier family, the brand introduced Mohey, celebration wear for women, in 2016 and acquired one of the biggest fashion brands in southern India, Mebaz, in 2017, a one stop destination for Men, Women and Children.

Manyavar is a leading fashion brand in India, known for its traditional Indian ethnic wear for men and women. The company offers a wide range of products, including sarees, lehengas, kurtas, and sherwanis. With a focus on traditional designs and craftsmanship, Manyavar has become a popular choice for customers looking for high-quality, traditional Indian clothing. The brand has a vast collection of latest fashion trends, catering to all occasions, be it weddings or festivals. Manyavar is also known for its great stitching and fitting, making the clothing comfortable for all-day wear. It's a perfect brand for people who want to embrace their culture and tradition in a stylish and elegant way

Conclusion :  

Bhopal has something for everyone. It treats its visitors with a warm embrace and pampers them with multiple shopping options. Owing to the rich history of the city, the food displays the grandeur of Mughal and the liveliness of Malwa. If you want your next trip to be vibrant, easy on your pockets and pleasing to your taste buds, do visit Bhopal soon.

Whether your budget is small or big, Bhopal has got your back! The various items available in the markets are bound to satisfy the needs of every customer. Market Streets are full of fancy shoes, shiny purses, beautiful silver ornaments, leather products, and of course the famous Bhopal 'Batua' with colourful beadwork. You can also get the classic Pithora paintings to keep memories of Bhopal fresh in your heart. Bhopal is famous for the hand-weaved sarees and dress materials. You can get a pastel shade of Chanderi, or a deep gold Kota silk. The beautiful Bagh print kurtas, designed using wooden blocks are a must-have. But, the handcrafted Maheshwari sarees simply steal the limelight with its zari work and elegant sheen.

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