Thursday 10 August 2023

Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators on and

Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators on and

🎉 Participate in the Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators! 🎉

Calling all Passionate LinkedIn Creators! Are you eager to showcase your skills and gain well-deserved recognition? Look no further! and are thrilled to announce the Linktree Competition, presenting an exceptional opportunity for you to shine and secure fantastic prizes.

🌟 What's the Competition About?

The Linktree Competition is designed to applaud your ingenuity and innovation in leveraging Linktree to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Linktree is a robust tool that empowers you to share multiple links through a single clickable link, simplifying your audience's exploration of your content and offerings.

🏆 Prizes at a Glance:

Exciting rewards await the champions of this competition, including:

1st Place: INR 3000 Cash Prize, a prominent feature on both and, plus a personalized consultation session focused on elevating your online presence.

2nd Place: INR 2000 Cash Prize, a feature on, and a notable social media shoutout.

3rd Place: INR 1000 Cash Prize, a special feature on, and a noteworthy social media shoutout.

📅 Key Competition Dates:

Submission Period: 

August 15th - September  15th

Judging Period: 

September 16th - September 30th

Winners Announcement: 

October 2nd  2023

📝 How to Take Part:

Craft a new LinkedIn profile or update your existing one, incorporating a Linktree link that brilliantly showcases your top-notch content, projects, and accomplishments.

Compose a concise post detailing how Linktree has played a pivotal role in enhancing your LinkedIn presence. Don't forget to use the hashtag #LinktreeLinkedIn and tag @AlfaBloggers and @10BestInCity in your post.

Submit your entry by sending a direct message to our official accounts, including a screenshot of your LinkedIn post.

🧐 Judging Criteria:

Entries will be evaluated based on the number of links, creativity, content quality, effective utilization of Linktree, and the overall impact on your LinkedIn profile.

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity slip through your fingers! It's your chance to amplify your online presence, connect with fellow LinkedIn Creators, and secure remarkable prizes. We're eagerly anticipating the display of your ingenious creativity.

Tech Dot Com Companies Example with Sample

AviaTech : Aviation + Technology

AeroTech : Aviation + Technology


BlogTech : Blog + Technology

BioTech: Biology + Technology

CabTech: Cab + Technology 

CleanTech: Clean + Technology

DevTech: Development + Technology

DirTech : Directory + Technology 

EdTech: Education + Technology

FinTech: Finance + Technology

FoodTech: Food + Technology

FemTech: Female + Technology


GreenTech: Green + Technology

HealthTech: Health + Technology


InsurTech: Insurance + Technology



LegalTech: Legal + Technology

MediTech: Medical + Technology



PropTech: Property + Technology



RetailTech: Retail + Technology

RegTech: Regulation + Technology



Sample Of an Ideal

For further information and updates, please visit:

Let's Unite through Links for Phenomenal Success! 🔗🚀

Let's Link Up for Success! 🔗🚀

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HR Head

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Blogger /Head Social Media

Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators - FAQ

1. What is the Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators?

The Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators is a contest designed to encourage and recognize innovative and engaging Linktree profiles created by LinkedIn content creators. Linktree is a tool that allows users to create a customizable landing page with multiple links, making it easier to share a variety of content with their audience.

2. Who can participate in the competition?

The competition is open to individuals who are active LinkedIn users and content creators. This includes professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone who regularly shares valuable content on LinkedIn. Participants should be using Linktree to enhance their LinkedIn profile.

3. How do I enter the competition?

To enter the competition, you need to follow these steps:

Create a Linktree profile that complements your LinkedIn content.

Make sure the Linktree profile is publicly accessible.

Share a post on LinkedIn showcasing your Linktree profile and explaining how it adds value to your audience.

Use the designated competition hashtag in your LinkedIn post.

4. What are the criteria for a winning Linktree profile?

Winning Linktree profiles will be judged based on creativity, user experience, relevance to your LinkedIn content, and how effectively it helps your audience navigate and access your various resources.

5. What should I include in my Linktree profile for the competition?

Your Linktree profile should include links to various resources that align with your LinkedIn content. This might include links to articles, videos, portfolio items, contact information, social media profiles, and more. Make sure the layout is organized and visually appealing.

6. Can I use a free version of Linktree to enter the competition?

Yes, you can use the free version of Linktree to create your profile and enter the competition. However, if you are already using the premium version with additional customization features, it might enhance your chances of winning by creating a more unique and tailored experience for your audience.

7. How will the winners be selected?

A panel of judges, consisting of LinkedIn experts and Linktree representatives, will review the entries and select the winners based on the criteria mentioned earlier. The judging process will be impartial and fair.

8. What are the prizes for the winners?

Prizes may vary based on the competition's sponsors and organizers. They could include cash rewards, free premium subscriptions for Linktree, featured spotlights on Linktree's and LinkedIn's official channels, and the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

9. How long will the competition last?

The competition's duration will be clearly mentioned in the official announcement. It might last for several weeks, giving participants ample time to create and share their Linktree profiles on LinkedIn.

10. Can I enter the competition multiple times?

Typically, most competitions allow only one entry per participant. Make sure to carefully review the competition rules to determine if multiple entries are allowed.

11. Where can I find updates about the competition?

Keep an eye on both the official Linktree and LinkedIn social media channels for updates, announcements, and details about the competition. This includes information about the start and end dates, rules, and any changes to the competition structure.

12. How will I know if I've won?

Winners will be notified through their LinkedIn profiles and potentially through the contact information provided during the entry process. Make sure to keep an eye on your LinkedIn notifications and emails during the announcement period.

Remember to thoroughly read and understand the competition rules and guidelines before participating to ensure that your entry is eligible and stands a chance to win. Good luck!

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