Sunday 12 March 2023

Top Best Text to Video Platforms

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Top Best Text to Video Platforms

Meta -  

Stable Diffusion Videos -  

Synthesia - - 




Synths Video.




These are few Text to Video Platforms are worth testing out.

1️⃣ Meta - Make a Video Studio allows you to make a video from a textual brief. The trial is not out yet but I am waiting.

2️⃣ Stable Diffusion Videos - Its open source, and a little technical to use but you can try it out anytime

3️⃣ Synthesia - this I have mentioned before as it is the easiest one to try out, you can see the instant value.

4️⃣ - it is similar to the one above but allows you to use your own avatar to create videos.

5️⃣ - They of course are my favorite, home-grown technology that allows you to personalize your campaign videos once you have created your own avatar or (Shahrukh khan's) to cater to various platforms and customers. #madeinindia 💰

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