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Monday 8 July 2024

Join the Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators

 Join the Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators

 🎉 Join the Linktree Competition for LinkedIn Creators! 🎉

Are you a passionate LinkedIn creator looking to showcase your skills and gain recognition?

Look no further! and are thrilled to announce the Linktree Competition, offering you an incredible opportunity to shine and win amazing prizes.

🌟 About the Competition:

Join us for the Linktree Competition, celebrating creativity and innovation in optimizing your LinkedIn profile using Linktree. Linktree simplifies sharing multiple links with a single clickable link, enhancing accessibility to your content and offerings.

🏆 Prizes:

Prepare to win exciting rewards:

1st Place:

INR 500 Cash Prize

Featured on and

Personalized consultation session for enhancing your online presence

INR 500 Books Prize 

INR 500 10BestInCity Prize

2nd Place:

INR 300 Cash Prize

Featured on

Social media shoutout

INR 300 Books Prize 

INR 300 10BestInCity Prize

3rd Place:

INR 200 Cash Prize

Featured on

Social media shoutout

INR 200 Books Prize 

INR 200 10BestInCity Prize

📅 Competition Timeline:

Submission Period: 

July 10th - August  10th

Judging Period: 

August 10th - August 31th

Winners Announcement: 

September 2nd  2024

📝 How to Participate:

Create or update your LinkedIn profile with a Linktree link that showcases your best content, projects, and achievements. 

Write a brief post explaining how Linktree has helped you enhance your LinkedIn presence. Use the hashtag #LinktreeLinkedIn and tag @AlfaBloggers and @10BestInCity in your post.

Submit your entry by sending a direct message to our official accounts with a screenshot of your LinkedIn post.

🧐 Judging Criteria:

Entries will be assessed on several key factors including the number of links, creativity, content quality, effective utilization of Linktree, and overall impact on your LinkedIn profile.

Don't miss this exceptional chance to enhance your online presence, network with fellow LinkedIn creators, and vie for impressive prizes!

We look forward to witnessing your creativity firsthand.

For more details and updates, visit

Let's Link Up for Success! 🔗🚀


Resources for the Linktree Competition

Tech Dot Com Companies Example with Sample

AviaTech : Aviation + Technology

AeroTech : Aviation + Technology 


BlogTech : Blog + Technology

BioTech: Biology + Technology

CabTech: Cab + Technology 

CleanTech: Clean + Technology

DevTech: Development + Technology

DirTech : Directory + Technology 

EdTech: Education + Technology

FinTech: Finance + Technology

FoodTech: Food + Technology

FemTech: Female + Technology


GreenTech: Green + Technology

HealthTech: Health + Technology


InsurTech: Insurance + Technology



LegalTech: Legal + Technology

MediTech: Medical + Technology



PropTech: Property + Technology



RetailTech: Retail + Technology

RegTech: Regulation + Technology





WealthTech: Wealth + Technology

Sample Of

Karishma Kumari [MBA HR]

Manager HR

Asiatic International Corp

LinkedIn  :

Link tree:


Instagram :

YouTube :


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