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Tuesday 16 May 2023

10 Best E-commerce Startups in Los Angeles, California

10 Best E-commerce Startups in Los Angeles, California

1. Buck Mason: 

Founded in 2013, Buck Mason is a contemporary American brand that embodies the relaxed California lifestyle. They draw inspiration from iconic styles of the past while embracing the modernity of future classics.

2. ChowNow: 

ChowNow is a unique platform that focuses on helping local restaurants succeed in the digital age. They provide restaurants with digital tools and services, including websites, custom apps, online ordering, marketing tools, and customer data, all with a commission-free approach.

3. StartEngine: 

StartEngine is a platform that aims to make Los Angeles a leading tech city by connecting talented innovators, engineers, and creative professionals to build successful and disruptive startups.

4. Subject: 

Subject is an educational technology startup that aims to revolutionize the classroom experience. Through their engaging and personalized short-form videos, they empower students worldwide with accessible and enjoyable learning experiences.


O POSITIV is a health and wellness brand from Los Angeles that focuses on self-care. They have created FLO Vitamins, the first-ever PMS gummy vitamin, using natural ingredients and aiming to alleviate the symptoms of periods.

6. FINESSE: FINESSE is a fashion house that leverages AI and big data to predict trends, forecast demand, and optimize distribution. Their goal is to eliminate guesswork and overproduction in the fashion industry by producing hit sell-outs in record time.

7. is a team of product executives and market makers who create and launch platforms that enhance the e-commerce experience for brands, creators, and shoppers alike.

8. NTWRK: Known as the "QVC for Gen Z," NTWRK is a video shopping platform that combines content and commerce. Through live streamed episodes hosted by celebrities and cultural icons, they offer exclusive access to art, sneakers, fashion, and collectibles.

9. Bravo Care: Bravo Care is a healthcare staffing platform that aims to disrupt the industry by using technology. They provide opportunities for rapid growth and innovation within the healthcare sector.

10. BestReviews: BestReviews is a product recommendation service that helps consumers find the best products for their needs. With millions of users since its launch, they simplify the decision-making process and save consumers time and effort.

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