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Thursday 4 April 2024

Open Recruitment! Summer Interns for 2024 Marketing Management Trainees


Open Recruitment!

Summer Interns for 2024

Marketing Management Trainees

Job Description:

• Create an effective and intuitive marketing strategy for our business.

• Organize and manage advertising/communication initiatives (social media, television, etc.), exhibitions, and promotional events.

• Conduct market research and analysis to assess trends, brand awareness, and competitive ventures.

• Conduct and manage surveys to assess consumer needs and dedication.

• Create copy for various marketing channels (brochures, press releases, website content, etc.).

• Maintain relationships with social media vendors and publishers to enable collaboration on promotional initiatives.

• Monitor campaign progress with various indicators and send performance reports.

• Collaborate with managers to prepare budgets and monitor spending.

Finance Management Trainees

Job description:

• Maintain precise records of all daily transactions.

• Prepare balance sheets.

• Process invoices.

• Maintain accounts payable and receivable.

• Update internal systems with financial data.

• Compile monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.

• Consolidate bank statements

• Participate in financial audits.

• Track bank deposits and payments.

• Help with budget preparation.+

• Review and implement financial policies.

H R  Management Trainees

Job description:

• Implement performance review methods, such as quarterly/annual and 360° assessments.

• Develop equitable HR policies and ensure employees understand and follow them.

• Use excellent sourcing, screening, and interviewing strategies.

• Evaluate training requirements and organize learning and development programmes for all workers.

• Monitor the HR department's blogs and PPT.

• Serve as the point of contact for training and development problems.

• Manage employee grievances.

• Evaluate current HR technology and suggest more effective tools (such as HRIS and ATS).

• Assess staff retention and turnover rates.

• Manage the daily activities of the HR department.

Operations Management Trainees

Job Description:

• Operations executives articulate their operational plans and objectives to ensure that the company they work for meets its goals and runs effectively.

• Assisting several other higher-level executives, as well as the company's owner or members of the Board of Directors.

• They may also be assigned responsibility for the entire operation of a small business.

• Professionals undertaking operations. The executive role is primarily responsible for that section of the workplace that immediately handles all activities and oversees the upkeep of equipment and facilities.

• Must report to multiple elements of the organization where he or she works, such as the Chief Operations Officer or Facilities Executive, but usually has direct access to upper management.

Create a 30-slide PPT about any of the following topics. Career Insight  

#Importance of LinkedIn for Management Professionals and MBAs 

#The Importance of ViSume [Video Resume] for Professionals and MBAs

#Android Developers are incredibly successful bloggers.

#Career Path for an Android/iOS Developer 

General Protocol To be Follow During Internship 2024

1. Interns will not be granted leave, except in very unusual circumstances. Please notify us in advance of any emergency. Please ping in the Digi Present Group at 1000 hrs daily. 

2. Work hours are 0900 hours to 1800 hours Monday through Friday and 1000 hours to 1530 hours Saturday; however, due to the COVID 19 period, these hours may change.  

Please avoid calling/messaging during non-internship hours, unless it is critical.

However, if there is an urgent situation, please call.

3. During working hours, all interns are expected to be on WhatsApp. No dual or multiple internships will be permitted without explicit approval. 

4. WhatsApp will be the primary mode of communication [MoC], while video calls may be used in some circumstances. When communicating with your boss, use professional language.

5. Please stick to the deadlines and submit your work via email.

6. At the end of the internship, interns must prepare and submit a full report on the work they completed. [Format will be shared shortly.] 

7. Regular Zoom / Google Meetings will be held. 

8. Misconduct will not be tolerated; disciplinary measures will be taken. 

9. No leakage of confidential information will be tolerated; otherwise, your internship will be cancelled, legal action taken, or both. 

10. Each work will be taken seriously. All completed work will be uploaded to our websites and YouTube under the names of interns and managers. You should share on all social media platforms.

11. With the updated categorization, interns should be very active on all social media platforms.  They also need to share all of their completed work.

12. Maintain strong peer relationships. 

13. If you have any questions about the task, consult your mentor.  [Kavya / Jesvita / Reshma ]

14. A basic understanding of the industry is expected. 

15. Do not quarrel with your mentor about tasks, certificates, or deadlines. All Event Certificates are subject to the completion of the Event. No Certificate will be issued before then. 

16. Everyone should have a signature and a digital card with current social media information. 

17. Prior to the start of the internship, each participant should have a bio and an official ID from Aircrews Pvt Ltd.  Everyone should have a signature and a digital card with current social media information. Use the same Original DP in all profiles. All material shared by interns with ACAPL will not be withdrawn from any public domain. Please double-check before releasing your personal information in the public domain. 

18. All work will be done on a PC or laptop; please do not utilize a mobile device for the internship.

19. Call team members by their first names. 

No, Sir/Ma'am.

20. Please maintain an internship-appropriate level of professionalism.  

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team






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