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Friday 13 October 2023

Top 10 Best Reasons to Visit Bhopal

Top 10 Best Reasons to Visit Bhopal 


The City Itself

Bhopal: The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, offers a mix of historical sites, natural beauty, peacefull places, cultural and natural experiences. Madhya Pradesh is a historic city that draws people for various reasons. Whether it’s the architecture here or the many havelis and mansions or the delicious food, the visitors are charmed by the city’s old-world ambience.  

Bhopal is very much surrounded with the Mother Nature that makes the city even more beautiful.  Bhopal is amongst the top green cities of India and who doesn’t want to enjoy in the lap of nature. To enjoy the visit here.

So many reasons and so many places loveit to visit The Bhopal like Lakes to enjoy view the sunset, (Amazing lakeview point), Dams of bhopal you go for traking, Dealicious Taste Foods of Bhopal, Market you must visit for shopping , Big Malls of Bhopal where branded things are always available, National Parks you feel the wildlife safari and sanctuary and photography point, Water Parks somuch fun you also go with family & friends, Tourist spots UNESCO World Heritage Sites , Museums you connect the culture of MP, Waterfall you see the waterfall heaven so amazing, so why not to visit the Bhopal City, 

1. The Lakes of Bhopal : 

a. Upper Lake : 

Upper lake is one of the most fascinating spots among the places to visit in Bhopal. This is the beautiful lake built in the 11th century by Raja Bhoj. It is the most famous lake, as it was believed that this lake is built by him to cure skin diseases. It is not only a story, this is true that at that time, he cured skin diseases of so many people with the help of this Lake’s water. It is also surrounded by a beautiful garden named Kamla Park. It is also considered as the best picnic spot with your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for, add this place also to your list and enjoy your vacations?

b. Lower Lake : 

Bhopal is also known by the name “City of lakes”. There are two famous lakes, namely, the Upper lake and the lower lake. The lower lake is separated by the upper lake through a bridge named Pul Pukhta. The lower lake is also known by the name “Chota Talab”. It was built in the year 1795 to enhance the charm of the city. This lake was constructed and overlooked by Chote Khan, a minister of Nawab Hayat Muhammad Khan Bahadur. This is a charming and beautiful place to spend your precious time to get an unforgettable experience. This is one of the best places to visit in Bhopal.

2. The Dams of Bhopal : 

a. Kerwa Dam : 

Kerwa is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. The efforts of M.P.Tourism department to build the place an ideal getaway away from the packed city is laudable. Enjoy the picturesque scene of the setting sun and flocking birds while enjoying the sip of your coffee. 

It can also be a right choice for celebrating a family get together. Most significant outcome of Kerwa Dam venture is that it has solved major issue of water problem in adjoining urban city of Bhopal.

b. Kolar Dam : 

Kolar dam site is upcoming as a preferred tourist spot for visitors to Bhopal. Here most of the tourists arrival is from Bhopal city. It is becoming popular nature tourism and leisure tourism site near Bhopal city. In less than one hour drive from Bhopal city, one can reach this site. Here you can do boating, birding, nature photography and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department is planning to arrange some more tourist activities at this site to make it more attractive and tourist friendly.

c. Bhadbhada Dam : 

The Bhadbhada dam is a set of 11 sluice gates at the south-east corner of Upper lake in Bhopal. Bhadbhada dam is best visited during monsoon season when water level increases in Upper lake and on few dates, gates get open to release the excess of water to Kaliasote river. Otherwise, visitors can visit this place as picnic spot in any season of the year.

d. Kaliyasot Dam : 

Bhopal has innumerable dams across its cityscape. One of the most popular ones is this dam, where a number of adventure sport activities, including paragliding, are organised on a daily basis.

3. The Food of Bhopal : 

The city is the amazing Bhopali food, that is at once unique and different to the Nawabi cuisine of other cities, but somewhat familiar and comforting in its familiarity. And if nothing else catches your fancy, then a visit to Bhopal is must if only for the food. The women who ruled the city left a lasting legacy of rich and yummy food, from the famous Rezala dishes to the unique biryani here that is called Biryan, closer in taste and style to the Hyderabadi biryani. The food is largely all non-vegetarian with a heavy emphasis on the meats, though innovative chefs have introduced vegetarian dishes adopting the old flavours. Not unlike the alley ways of Lucknow or Hyderabad, street food in Bhopal is a big part of the life of the city and a walk around the older areas yield carts and stalls selling the famous Suleimani chai, thick and salty with a generous dollop of cream, to be balanced out with the bun kebab, a quick snack made with kebabs stuffed in a pao like bun topped with green chutney and chillies.

(Keep an eye out for a separate post dedicated to the food of the city).

a. Paya Soup in Chatori Gali

Chatori Gali is to Bhopal what Chandni Chowk is to Delhi, or Mohammed Ali Road is to Mumbai. If you happen to come to this food heaven, you simply cannot miss the mutton Paya soup, lamb slow-boiled in a broth all day long and delicately spiced. Quite unlike the Paya soup found in other parts of the country, the Paya soup served here is quite thick (by use of corn or wheat flour) and is less oily as well. Come sundown, the deliciously thick soup is poured into bowls, and is garnished with lamb shreds, spices and chopped coriander. It serves as a great appetizer, before you embark on a memorable gastronomic adventure in this humble gali.

b. Poha Jalebi at Kalyan Singh's Swaad Bhandar

If you are in the mood for some vegetarian goodness, the first place you should head out to is Kalyan Singh's Swad Bhandar. Located on the east side of the Jama Masjid, off Itwara Road, it is always crowded and noisy here. Fresh, hot, moist, light and spicy Bhopali Poha garnished with a generous helping of crispy sev and served with some oh-so-yummy jalebis, it is sure to teleport you to food heaven. Poha Jalebi is the most famous breakfast that can be found all over M.P., but the best is found in Indore. These same Indoris serve this delicacy in Bhopal, making it a sumptuous and memorable breakfast that is light, enjoyable, delicious and easy on the pocket. Wash it down with a piping hot cup of Suleimani chai, and you can face all the troubles of the day head on.

c. Cycle Soupwala and Sagar Gaire Snacks

Bhopal's famous Cycle Soupwala, located in Number 10, is a real-life rags-to-riches story. The owner of this humble eatery, so named because he sells delicious soup on a bicycle, came to this city from Nepal. He started off by selling three types of soup: tomato, sweet corn and manchow on a bicycle, to satisfy the hunger pangs of students and office-goers alike. His soup stall set him on the path to success and today he owns a chain of eateries in Bhopal, that serve everything from cold coffee to sandwiches, dosas to chole kulche. Neither his soup nor his eateries are something you should miss if you are in Bhopal, and looking for some yummy food.

d. Bade ke Kebab at Jhili Miyaan

Jhili Miyaan is the place to be. Located at the beginning of the Chatori Galli, this tiny shop sells the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth kebabs. Bade ke Kebab are essentially beef kebabs, made from minced beef, marinated all day in a spice mix. The kebabs are then rolled by hand, fried on a hot pan and stuffed inside grilled buns. The entire dish is made-to-order and is always served steaming hot served with a mix of onions, chutneys and chilies. Juicy, succulent kebabs, served with hot buns and a spicy chutney, is sure to melt away all your troubles. You can eat to your stomach's content but never to your heart's content!

e. Bhopali Paan

Paan is the traditional Indian way to end a meal in style. It is loved and consumed all over the country, and each region adds its own unique touch to the paan. Bhopali paan is very famous all over the country, and when you are here, this is not something you must miss. It is a pastry made from betel nut, stuffed with chuna, kattha and supari, and a generous dollop of gulkand. Paan-making is considered an art in Bhopal, and is part of the local culture. It is usually consumed as a mouth freshener though people can be found chewing paan throughout the day.

4. The Markets of Bhopal : 

Bhopal market streets are full of a variety of fancy bags, polished purses, exquisite silver decorations, leather goods, and vibrant beadwork, and of course, the famous Bhopal 'Batua.' You may also find a unique shade of Chanderi or a Kota silk immersed in deep gold.

However, Bhopal’s beautiful Bagh Print Kurtas, made of wooden blocks, are a must-have for every woman. Nonetheless, with its zari job and exquisite sheen, the beautifully handcrafted Maheshwari sarees clearly snatch the limelight.

Bhopal is the perfect famous place for shopping. Here you can find a number of branded retail stores from where you can buy accessories, shoes, bags, clothes, and many more. It is the perfect destination for shopping lovers. Thus, whenever you travel to Bhopal and want to shop then go to Bittan market. 

a. Chowk Bazaar

Chowk Bazaar is an ideal spot for hard-core shoppers. In addition to many old mosques, the Chowk region is distinguished by a handful of old Havelis such as Shaukat Mahal and Sardar Manzil. In addition to this, shops and stores are lining the narrow alleys in this town, which are excellent places to buy traditional handicrafts.

You can load yourself with artefacts of traditional Bhopali designs, silver and gold jewellery, impeccably designed beadwork, Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees, embroidered and sequined velvet purses, and cushions. This place will prove to be a happy hunting ground for those who appreciate the skills of a fair deal and apply them.

b. New Market

If you plan to visit another Bhopal city market, the New Market should be next on your list. It is a comparatively modern building compared to the south of upper and lower lakes, as the name implies. New Market, a big retail district in the area, has several fabric shops and showrooms offering a wide variety of garments and ready-made clothing.

c. Bittan Market

Loved by the city's youngsters, Bittan is renowned for its appliances, shirts, handkerchiefs, bakeries, hookah lounges, and fresh veggies. Youngsters enjoy purchasing the latest trendy boots from here.

d. Habibganj Market

If you are short on cash but have an infinite shopping list, this is the best and famous city market to shop. The streets are dotted with stalls selling fashionable but inexpensive handbags, nice shoes, and stoles. The fair prices and combined negotiating powers would get you a great deal. There are many shops where you can purchase tangy spices and powders so that you can return to your home with the taste of Bhopal. There are many vendors in the street that sell lip-smacking items.

e. Bhopal Haat

One of the best markets in Bhopal, here you can purchase both herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. You can also visit this market for its handicrafts, such as clay items, terracotta items, and jute products. These products are manufactured by local craftsmen.

f. Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar sells exquisite ornaments throughout the day, and between 8 PM and midnight, it becomes a night-time thoroughfare. It is also a rare blend of the best of all worlds. First, you can visit Sarafa Bazaar for its jewellery and artefact stores, flaunting Kundan neckpieces and peacock-shaped toe rings. Later, you can visit the food and beverage area late into the night, after shopping.

5. National Parks of Bhopal : 

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. All Public parks listed here are comparatively the Most Authentic, based on our research done by evaluating business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer satisfaction and their feedback, pricing and value for money. These businesses are better options as "Public parks near me" in your local search. You get to see only the Best. Business verified by our team are labelled with verified badge. They are reliable & trustworthy. Their contact and business information are updated frequently.

a. Van Vihar National Park : 

The park is designed as a natural habitat for the wildlife and is home to several species of animals, including tigers, lions, leopards, deer, and various species of birds and reptiles.

Van Vihar National Park is an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can take a guided tour of the park and spot the various animals and birds that call the park their home. The park also has a rescue and rehabilitation center for animals that have been injured or orphaned.

Things to Do:

Wildlife Safari


Nature Walk



Visit the Interpretation Centre

Nearby Attractions

b. Satpura National Park :  

Wildlife Safaris in SatpuraSatpura National Park is the ultimate paradise for wildlife enthusiasts as one may get enthralled with the striking hilly terrains, peaceful jungle, deep gorges, streamlets, unswayed forest locations, and many more. Snuggled in the lap of Satpura ranges, the park is amongst the most beautiful nature reserves of India. 

Most Importantly, Satpura chains a small herd of riding elephants which are especially used for spotting tigers and then put on a 'tiger show', which is organized by park management during Monday Safari. For Tiger Show, you need to pay a fixed fee to the official then only you are allowed to spot tigers or to do photography.

6. The Waterparks of Bhopal :  

The gorgeous themed water parks in Bhopal are the best way to beat the harsh summers in the most fun way possible. Ranging from thrilling water rides, tube slides, aqua dances and more, the parks also have adjoining amusement parks where you can relax after chilling in the pools. Besides, there are several delicious food options on the premises. Some of these water parks in Bhopal have custom-designed pools for kids where the water level is extremely shallow to reduce any risk of accidents.

a. Crescent Water Park : Crescent Water Park is known to be the best in the city. With rain dance, water DJ, Columbus rides, and infinity pool, the park claims to be one of a kind and very popular among both the localities and tourists.

b. People’s Mall Water Park : People's Mall Water Park, as the name suggest is a water park in the premises of People's Mall in Bhopal. Besides, the immaculately clean water park with several slides, the mall also has an amusement park with life size replicas of famous monuments from around the world.

c. Kanha Fun City : Kanha Fun City Water Park is probably the most popular water park in Bhopal. Buzzing with activity all through the season, the park has an array of thrilling water rides, tube slides, roller coasters, rain dance, aqua disco arrangements etc.

7. The Malls of  Bhopal :  

a. DB City : DB City Mall is more than a shopping complex. It is an entertainment hub that offers various activities to keep you engaged. Whether you visit the mall with friends, kids or the elderly, you will find something to do at DB City. The entertainment zone at Bhopal's favourite mall includes

Time Zone: If there is one place where kids and adults can have fun together, it is Timezone. It offers a variety of activities, from arcade games, bumper cars and bowling to laser tag and Virtual Reality games.


Kids Fun Factory: It is an interactive play area for children between 0-10 years. Equipped with slides, bridges, a climbing wall, a trampoline and more, the Kids Fun Factory promises endless fun. 


Toy Train: One of the top attractions at DB City, the toy train is on every kid's bucket list. With tickets available at affordable prices, the toy train fills your child's heart with joy. You can record videos and click pictures inside the toy train to make the ride memorable for your kid. 


Cinepolis Multiplex: Boasting a 6-screen multiple, DB City Mall caters to your entertainment needs like no other mall in the city. You can book tickets to the latest Hindi, English and Regional films at the mall or online. The theatre halls are clean and spacious and offer a spectacular movie experience. 

b. Capital Mall : Capital Mall is a modern shopping mall featuring national and international brands. The mall strives to bridge the demand and supply gap, while being well-maintained. The atrium is grand, and the shop fronts are highly visible, adding to the beauty of the mall. Unfortunately, most of the outlets are closed so there is usually little crowd here.

c. People's Mall : The Peoples Mall is a fun-filled amusement park that includes replicas of the seven wonders of the world, a scare house and a 7D multiplex. It is perfect for all ages, and provides plenty of adventure to keep everyone entertained.

d. Manyavar : Manyavar is a popular Indian wedding store that specializes in Sherwanis. This store is usually loved by men for their collections of traditional clothing. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they have a great selection of formal wear.

8. Tourist Sport’s of Bhopal :

a. Bhimbetka : UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Most places would love to a have a World Heritage site around, it’s great for tourism. Agra is one of those places that has not one, not two, but three World Heritage sites in its vicinity. Bhopal doesn’t have three but it comes close with two, something most of us don’t even realize. What’s even more fascinating about the two UNESCO sites, Bhimbetka is that they are extremely different, bringing to life a varied history of the region.

Bhimbetka is one of the most truly unique archaeological sites in India. Bhimbetka, a series of caves and rock shelters located in the Ratnapuri Wildlife Sanctuary has rock paintings ranging from the Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic Age to the protohistoric, early historic and medieval periods. What you are standing there looking at simple paintings of stick figures, animals and scenes of hunting and war made in natural colours that are somehow still vibrant.

b. Sair Sapata : 

Sair Sapata is a popular tourist destination in Bhopal known for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Sair Sapata is a tourism and entertainment complex situated on the banks of the Upper Lake in Bhopal. Developed by the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Located near the Upper Lake, the park offers a range of recreational activities for visitors, including boating, cycling, and ziplining.

Sair Sapata offers enjoyable activities like forest hiking, car dashing, zorbing and so on. Boat rides, four kiosks and three viewpoints keep tourists engaged. Aimed at promoting tourism, the complex has other attractions such as a musical fountain, a two-acre children's play area, a toy train and a suspension bridge.

There is a huge lake surrounded by forest, then there is a big bridge which takes you over the lake to the recreation center.

In the lake, boat rides can be done in small pedal boats.

Good place for picnic There are many fun and adventurous games available for adults and kids.

The park is lush green and full of flowers.

There is also a canteen inside the picnic complex for foodies.

9. The Museums of Bhopal : 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Bhopal’s museums are amongst the finest in the country. And it would not be an exaggeration to say, we were pleasantly and happily surprised while exploring them.

a. State Archaeological museum is one we had become familiar with through our travels. Each state has at least one (usually more) and we have been to a number of them across India. The scale of the one in Bhopal however is something amazing. It has gallery upon gallery of statues and sculptures from all over MP, as is expected, but besides that it has a number of other galleries, including old coins and inscriptions dating back hundreds of years. 

b. The Tribal Museum is one of India’s more modern museums and stands on par with the Virasat – e – Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib as one of the finest museums we have seen. It aims to document and present the life, livelihoods, customs and rich heritage of the tribal populations of Madhya Pradesh and neighbouring Chhattisgarh in an engaging format. The exhibits include houses built in the style of the various tribes, and other that depict their various forms of worship, daily lives, weddings and celebrations and games. its larger than life sculptures and paintings of the tribes of the region is anything but. Artists from around the state were engaged to depict the tribal life using their own interpretation through various medium, thus creating a unique museum that is interactive and informative.

c. The Museum of Man : The last museum you absolutely must visit is the manusanghralay or the Museum of Man. Though it sounds like it might only deal with the subject of evolution, which we thought and almost skipped, it is anything but. More of an ethnographic museum, it attempts to shine a light on the history and lives of the various tribes of India and does a fantastic job of documenting varied tribes from the North East to Central India, and from Odisha to the Andaman Islands. Exhibits are in the form of photos, text and audio visual displays. There are also galleries of weapons, masks and tribal arts and crafts. The best part however, is the outdoor section of the museum 

d. Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum :

Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum is one of the biggest Museums in Bhopal. The museum is a stunningly beautiful tribal museum designed by renowned Indian architect Revathi Kamath. The vibrant museum is divided into six different rooms, showcasing various Madhya Pradesh tribes. The gallery is a perfect fusion of a conceptual theme focused on tribal myths, as imagined by modern artists and produced by tribal artists using their materials and styles. Tribal artists use their individual respective tribe's materials and designs. All their visitors to the museum are equally important, because the meaning of the museum lies in connecting and interacting with them in maximum numbers. Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum has collections of tribal clothing, crafts, and tools. The museum also has space for events and performances.

10. The Waterfall of Bhopal :

a. Mahadev Paani Waterfall Trek Bhopal

The Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary near Bhopal is bustling with the beauty of the wilderness and is one of the best places to find tranquility in a place away from the hectic rush of the city life. And in the Ratapani forests lies the majestic beauty of the Mahadev Paani Waterfall.

Flocked by a number of migratory birds arriving here in different seasons, the area around the Mahadev Paani waterfall is one of the perfect fits for an adventurous trekking. With a natural pool forming at the waterfall, the trek in itself brings you close to the Mahadev himself, the Hindu God Lord Shiva. On the way to the falls, one can find a number of caves on the sides of the trail with a number of idols placed dedicated to Shiva.

The 14 km long trek is the highlight of this experience as you walk through the dense jungle, all the while enjoying some of the most beautiful views of the forests and hills around the Mahadev Paani region. The guide on the trek will give you snippets of information about the Flora and Fauna indigenous to the region, making this an extensive learning experience as well. Reaching the falls will not only reward you with a refreshing sight of the waterfall but also with a chance of swimming and dipping in the cool waters of it.

b. Artificial Water Fall : 

Artificial Water Fall is a tourist attraction located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The average rating of this place is 4.10 out of 5 stars based on 100 reviews. The street address of this place is 69WQ+3JF, Lake View Road, Krishna Nagar, Shymala Hills, Bhopal.

An artificial waterfall located on the Lake View Road in Bhopal. The water flow is well-coordinated and looks and gives a pleasant feel.

There is a good 3 to 4 kilometre walk along the Lake road and there are some very good views of the lake along this road as well as some other places of tourist interest. A beautiful site ! Feels refreshing in the morning while near this artificial waterfall. It’s developed in an incremental step manner. Covered with trees and fountains, a very calm place if you are not with too much crowd around.  

c. Bhadbhada Waterfall : 

Stunning Sight : 

A Bhadbhada Waterfall is captivating natural wonder situated on the outskirts of Bhopal . The capital city of MP. It is a renowned for its serene beauty and calm environment, marking it is a popular destination for locals and tourist. The waterfall cascades down from a rocky cliff into a picturesque pool, providing a refreshing spot for swimming  and picnicking. 

Highlights : Swimming, Tracking,  Photography, exploring local markets. 

The city portrays a beautiful combination of the rich historical architectures with the modern ones that escalates its overall view.  Staying in such a royal yet modern aura or ambience is one of its kinds. This city has that distinct touch that adds the charm and will become one of your favorite places to visit. 

Bhopal the richness in history, culture, and architecture of the city, Meusuem you will also fall in love with the simplicity imbibed within the people living here. Apart from the people, the city has got peace and composure which is very rare to see. A bare look towards the upper lake is the best way to get soothing and calming experience. Bhopal is proud of its moniker, the City of Lakes, Bhopal has lots of places to visit and to feel the range of emotions.

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