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Juice Pump 10 Best Premier Cafes in Chennai, India


Juice Pump 10 Best Premier Cafes in Chennai, India

Miresh Kothari

@Juice Pump

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10 Best Premier Cafes in Chennai, India

In recognition of being ranked among the Top #10 Cafes in Chennai, India, and consistently delivering exceptional quality as the leading provider of the Best Fusion Cuisine, Our Team extends its warmest congratulations to Miresh Kothari, founder of Juice Pump, for achieving this esteemed position.

✅ Contact: +91 98418 12622

Discover Juice Pump: A Fusion of Flavors

In the heart of Chennai, Juice Pump stands tall as a culinary destination that transcends traditional boundaries. Boasting a menu that encompasses pure vegetarian delights, quick bites, milkshakes that redefine indulgence, delectable desserts, and refreshing fruit mocktails, Juice Pump caters to the diverse palates of food enthusiasts.

Crafting Excellence Since 2012: A Glimpse into Juice Pump's History

Founded on January 27th, 2012, Juice Pump is more than just a restaurant; it's a culinary landmark. The founders, driven by their passion for high-quality food, shakes, and desserts, have consistently worked towards setting new benchmarks in the food industry. In 2019, Juice Pump received the prestigious "Sultan Of Shakes" recognition from Swiggy, a nod to the exceptional shakes that have become synonymous with the Juice Pump experience.

From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Sensation: Juice Pump's Growth Story

Witnessing exponential growth, Juice Pump has strategically positioned its branches in Kilpauk, Egmore, Adyar, with more expansions on the horizon. It's not just about the food; Juice Pump offers a culinary journey, inviting patrons to explore authentic flavors and unique twists that redefine vegetarian dining in Chennai.

What Our Patrons Have to Say

Discover the love and appreciation from our patrons firsthand:

These testimonials speak volumes about the Juice Pump experience. Join the conversation, share your Juice Pump story, and become a part of our culinary community!

Catering Beyond Boundaries: Juice Pump at Your Events

Juice Pump transcends its restaurant boundaries to cater to your special moments. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, party, or resort getaway, our dedicated catering team ensures the same standards that define Juice Pump's restaurant experience are delivered to your guests.

Experience the Juice Pump Difference—a journey where every bite and sip tells a story of passion, quality, and innovation. Join us in celebrating excellence, innovation, and the joy of pure vegetarian dining!

Juice Pump is also looking to open franchises across India. 

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Juice Pump 10 Best Premier Cafes in Chennai, India

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