Saturday 22 July 2023

Looking for Business Partners in Different Cities for Directory

Looking for 

Business Partners in Different Cities for Directory 

Job Description:

Position Title: 

Business Partners - Different Cities

Company: Directory

Job Summary: Directory is a leading Google Blog-Based Online Global Directory that showcases the 10 Best Businesses in various Cities across the World. We are currently seeking Self Motivated and Entrepreneurial-minded Individuals to join us as Business Partners in different Cities. As a Business Partner, you will be responsible for identifying and onboarding local Businesses to be featured on our platform. 


Business Development: 

Identify potential businesses in your designated city that align with our directory's focus, such as restaurants, hotels, spas, gyms, entertainment venues, and other local services.

Sales and Onboarding: 

Approach local businesses and present the benefits of being listed on Directory. Explain the revenue-sharing model, highlighting the value they can gain from increased online visibility and potential customer acquisition.


Negotiate and finalize agreements with interested businesses on the revenue-sharing terms, aiming for a win-win partnership.

Relationship Management: 

Maintain strong relationships with the listed businesses, addressing their inquiries, and providing ongoing support as needed.

Marketing Collaboration: 

Work with the marketing team to promote the directory and listed businesses through various channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and local events.

Performance Tracking: 

Monitor and analyze the performance of listed businesses, offering suggestions and strategies for further improvement.


Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

We seek individuals who are passionate about local businesses and are driven to build successful partnerships.

Sales and Communication Skills: 

Strong persuasive and negotiation abilities, coupled with excellent communication skills to engage with potential business partners effectively.

Local Knowledge: 

Familiarity with the city's business landscape and an understanding of the target audience's preferences.


As a remote position, you must be self-motivated and able to manage your time efficiently.

Sales/Marketing Experience: 

Previous experience in sales or marketing is preferred, but not mandatory.


Basic knowledge of online platforms, as well as the ability to navigate our directory's interface for onboarding businesses.

Revenue Sharing Model:

Our revenue-sharing model entails a 50% split of the revenue generated from the listed businesses in your designated city. The revenue will be determined based on the business's performance metrics and their subscription or advertising fees on our platform.


As a Business Partner, your remuneration will be commission-based, with 50% of the revenue generated from your city's listed businesses being allocated to you. The more successful partnerships you establish, the higher your earnings potential.

Join us on our mission to promote and support local businesses, while also fostering your entrepreneurial skills. Apply now to become a vital part of Directory's growth and expansion in various cities across the country.


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Dept : Business Partners 

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Selection Procedure: Based On 2 HR Rounds / PPT / GD /PI Plus ViSume [must] 

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