Saturday 24 December 2011

All Simple Mistakes we Must Avoid Daily

All Simple  Mistakes we Must Avoid  Daily 👇🏻

Not Saying “No”  
Seeking Approval.  
Being a Victim.  
Too Many Mindless Distractions. 
Not Being Selective Of Your Friends.  
Listening to Everyone's Opinions.  
Not Being Decisive.

“It’s never too late.”
Well… not quite.

Sure, it’s technically never too late to make a change—no matter how long you’ve waited, how old you are, or how little time you have left.

But it’s far better to avoid key mistakes in life before it gets to the point of actually being “too late.” Because once that happens, you’ll put yourself in a difficult position and have to fight an uphill battle the rest of the way.

That’s why, in this article, I want to share ten critical mistakes to avoid in your life. If you stop doing them now, you can improve your happiness, success, health, relationships, and more—with plenty of time to spare.

Mistakes to Avoid in Life Before It's Too Late. An important warning to your future self. ...

1.Stop changing yourself just for the others. If Someone doesn't like your personality and force you to change yourself then it is much more better to leave them and walk away.
2.Don't compromise with your happiness just to please others. But compromising for those who really cares for you is worth it.
3.Never available everytime to those who only came to you just for their interests. Choose your time for them and don't let them to decide it. Be your Own Boss.
3.Always prefer your family over the others ( including relatives), as only your family and some true friends are with you in your hardest time.
4.Stop watching useless political debates on the private news channels. They are doing nothing but only spreading the negativity and hatred. You have your One Vote only. Use it for any political party you want. But these debates are just useless.
5.Stop mocking others and making fun of them. Specially when you know nothing about what they are dealing with or how their life in going on.
6.Prefer Social Life over the Social media. Social media is really a Myth. One day someone stops messaging and All his virtual friends think that he might stop using this platform but the reality maybe heart breaking , may be that person has died , but no one ever knows until he was a celebrity.
7. Value all the things that you currently have. As in this world may be someone somewhere is dreaming for these but he can't afford it.
8.Develope your own ideology and personality. Don't follow anyone blindly.
9. Don't rely on someone who you have met online unless you meet him in person and spend some considerable time together. 
10. Spending too much time on social media can reduce a person's ability to communicate effectively in person, which can lead to difficulties in personal relationships with your loved ones. 

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