Thursday 9 May 2024

We are Looking for Potential City Partners


We are happy to encourage potential City Partners

We are delighted to invite potential City Partners to join us on our goal at, where we help consumers locate the best businesses, services, professions, and locations in major cities across the world. To achieve this goal, we are searching for dedicated individuals to work with us and ensure accurate and comprehensive data from a variety of fields.

With Regards To:

The groundbreaking strategy of is changing the landscape of online business directories. As a blog-based global platform, we curate the top 10 products and services from each major city, giving users simple access to exceptional recommendations in one place. Our goal is to develop a simple and affordable digital platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to easily communicate with potential customers.

We're looking for long-term city partners that can establish strong communication links between and local marketers in their respective locations. The ideal candidate should have extensive knowledge of the leading product and service providers in their location, as well as strong networking skills to engage local business owners and persuade them to advertise with us through our best practice blogs.

Obligations of City Partners:

Benefits of getting a City Partner:

- Work with local business owners and advertisers to promote their small companies online through paid listings on

- Create and maintain communication channels to foster collaboration between local businesses and our platform.

- Simply pay a 50/50 split to begin your journey today. It is that simple!

If you can match the correct key to the appropriate lock, this could be the gratifying "Being-Your-Own-Boss" chance you've been looking for.

We're now looking for City Associates and Partners in the following cities:

- London,

- Berlin,

- Paris,

- Toronto,

- New York,

- Tokyo,

- Dubai,

- Barcelona,

- Rome,

- Madrid,

- Vancouver,

- Delhi,

- Chennai, 

and every major city across the globe.

For further information, contact us on 

WhatsApp at +91 9443056013 or through our

 linktree at

Join us today and be a part of our mission to improve how businesses engage with customers all around the world!

For more information, please call +91 9443056013 or send us the following.

Details are available through WhatsApp at

Contact us via or 916361774959. 

City Name : 

City Partners in Different Cities :

Full Name:

Date of Birth:







LinkedIn (minimum 100+ connections)

Education is a one-of-a-kind blog-based directory powered by Google Domain and Google Blogspot that meticulously curates a diverse selection of goods and services in every major city worldwide. We provide a user-friendly blog-based platform for small and medium-sized business owners to showcase their products to potential customers. Partnering with provides your firm with exposure through our blog, resulting in accurate contact information and greater search engine rankings.

Furthermore, our platform offers a number of benefits:

- SEO improvements to increase visibility in Google search results.

- A collection of customer testimonials to increase trust.

- Lead manufacture is cost-effective.

- Organic search traffic that delivers.

- Increased brand presence through social media.

- Mobile-friendly optimization of corporate listings.

- Comprehensive instructions for getting started.

In pursuit of our mission, we are actively seeking local partners in every major city across the world. These partners will offer us verified local data and serve as the primary point of contact for our company's owners.

Please see our linktree for more details.

Join us today and be a part of our worldwide goal to transform how businesses engage with their customers!

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team









Jesvita Mendonca

HR Team

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Jesvita Melisha Mendonca is a dynamic individual whose journey spans diverse landscapes, both geographically and professionally. Originally hailing from Mangalore, Karnataka, Jesvita now resides in the vibrant cityscape of Mira Road, Mumbai, while also embracing an international lifestyle in Male, Maldives.

In her role as a Tech Advisor [VM] at Asiatic International Corp, Jesvita plays a crucial role in guiding numerous CoFounders in their startup ventures, fostering innovation and growth within the tech sphere. Her educational journey began at St. Lawrence Pre-University College and St. Lawrence Higher Primary School, where she honed her academic prowess under the Mangalore Board. Graduating from St. Lawrence in 2015, Jesvita pursued a Bachelor's in Computer Applications, specializing in Cloud Technology and Information Security, at Srinivas University in Mangalore.

Jesvita's expertise spans various domains, including Selenium WebDriver automation, ethical hacking, virtualization, website security, DBMS, and Java programming. Her commitment to mastering these technical skills reflects her dedication to innovation and excellence.

Beyond her technical acumen, Jesvita's linguistic versatility—fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tulu—facilitates seamless connections with diverse cultures and communities. She also finds joy in photography, exploration, and expressing creativity through art and craft, particularly through her wall art.

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca's multifaceted skills and diverse interests epitomize her versatility, positioning her as an individual poised for continual growth and exploration. Her journey stands as a testament to her commitment to pushing boundaries in both the technological realm and the broader spectrum of creativity and innovation.
B block 601,
Leeds Enclave, Airport Rd, B Block,
HIlink City, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452005
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Saturday 27 April 2024

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HR Team







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